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Lunacy the mixtapes

im not a robot

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i have been going through a lot of youtube links lately (here & here, i have not yet gotten to this or this), but there clearly are times when repeatedly clicking a button can become taxing - at least after a good while.

i do this mostly while at work, but there are times for cooking or dating (i wish) or staring out the window that could do better with a more automated backdrop.
so for those times i propose this place for curated music exceeding the 30min mark.
it might help to classify what kind of music it is?
i'll start with this collection of MELANCHOLY WORLD MUSIC (including some bob dylan):

2 hip hop mixes from ninja tunes veteran dj vadim
"I wanted to do a mix highlighting some of my favourite rappers but not just 90’s because there have been many dope newcomers too."

& an exclusive a tribe called quest remix
"For a long time A Tribe Called Quest has been one of my favourite all round groups from the beat, rhymes, flows, persona, longevity, show performance, to name a few (!)… just simply classic material! And, oh yeah, Dilla produced a lot of their last 2 albums!"
:) yeah.. i discovered ninja tunes at about the same time as cannabis. a really good match at the time. & i initially wanted to post coldkrushcuts here,

one of my favourite DOWNTEMPO mix albums from this period, particularly dj krush's part 'back in the base'. there is plenty of early dj vadim in there as well. i couldn't find it earlier - BUT i just did, so here it is. mid nineties & it does show, but i love it still, it felt revolutionary at the time. & goes really well with a particular degree of night.


Madlib ‎– 420 Chalice All-Stars
1What Are The Medical Benefits Of Smoking Marijuana?10:42
2What Are The Negative Risks Of Smoking It?6:08
3What Alternatives Are There To Smokings?6:36
4Are A Lot Of Pesticides On Pot?7:20
5Where Is All This Pot Coming From?7:28
6So What Does The Law Say About These Dispensaries And Their Various Pot Products?9:53
7How Much Pot Am I Allowed To Have At One Time?9:37
8How Do I Get A Prescription?11:10
9Will My Name End Up On Some DEA List?10:58
Tracklist 1 .jpg
Tracklist 2 .jpg
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i am a bit late to this & only recently got introduced to the internet radio NTS, which could maybe be described as Somewhere between BBC 6 Music’s diversity and pirate radio’s DIY spirit

there are usually two djs on the air to pick from & as far as i understand it, all shows get archived which can be accessed via a pretty good search function (you could for instance search for shanties and come up with a good shanty mix https://www.nts.live/shows/the-nts-...orebitters-songs-of-the-sea-26th-january-2021)

it is quite an eclectic and enthusiastic selection of music, the wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTS_Radio#Programming_and_creative gives an overview of the kind of guest djs that have hosted shows there, and may give an indication of how diverse this program can be.

i won't post one particular mix here, wouldnt know how to pick, and it so depends on mood & preference. just start wherever, it is worth it https://www.nts.live/

i am totally in love.. peace out.

i think i must have posted one of her mixes before, they are reliably good. released every monday & tuesday euro morning when the week is at its worst, i often start my days with them (it helps), & i thought this one was particularly nice


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