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Lunacy The perfect time to partake


Always in search of the perfect vaporizer
These are some of the activities where cannabis makes it better. I listed 9, so the list doesn't get too long list your top 10
These aren't in order of preference.

Before watching a movie
Before a great meal
On the way to a party, bar or memorial service
While walking on the beach
On top of a mountain
Before sex, after sex
When I hurt
When life's noise gets too loud
Going to a horrible family function with relatives you don't like:torching:
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  1. Before watching a movie (and during)
  2. After a great meal (perfect for that post meal nap)
  3. While walking on the beach (I prefer climbing the rocks)
  4. On top of a mountain (assuming I make it)
  5. Deep in the forest (especially around a campfire)
  6. Before sex, after sex (only in tandem, gotta both be on the same level)
  7. Before a bath (just don't fall asleep)
  8. When listening to music on headphones (eyes closed in the dark)
  9. Before a concert/comedy gig (Had a box at Royal Albert for Tom Petty, my MFLB was the star performer that night)
  10. On a long train journey (what else can you do but buzz out and watch the world go by)
See this here clock?


Anytime is a good time to ring your bell.

The perfect time to partake for me is in the morning. Some days my knees back or both hurt so bad it's hard to get out of bed and do any type of activity.
So a couple of pulls from the VB1 and I feel ready to take on any activity.

Other than that;

Listening to music
Playing music (I play drums and bass)
Before a movie
Before doing yard work
Before going to bed. Sleeping has become a physical activity with all the tossing and turning.
In order of which is the best time to partake and why:
- Shortly after sleeping. I dunno why but I get the best buzz I'm gonna get if I vape within an hour of waking up. Doesn't matter if it was a mid-day nap or a good nights sleep. The wake and vape gives me the strongest buzz possible. The downside is that it can slow down the rest of the wakeful hours that follow. Don't get me wrong....if I vape for the first time after being up for most of the day it's still great but not as great as a wake and vape.
- Just before sex. Yeah, yeah, and hell yeah. Sex is great without cannabis but it's f'n 'awesomer' (Not sure awesomer is a word but you get the point) with it.
- Just before a meal/eating. Whether it's a Golden Corral pig out, a Ruth Chris wallet work-out or just Pizza Hut delivery....it just makes eating almost as enjoyable as sex.

Now that it's written out I'm starting to understand why an afternoon nap followed by some hoochie koochie and a delivered Pizza Hut Dinner Box can cause my toes to remain curled for a good while.
Good fun:partyhat:

Is there a bad time to vape.?

a few of my favourites.

  • Before,during or after a bath.
  • Before Yoga,keep fit,meditation,cycling or kayaking.
  • Playing video games or DJing.
  • first vape after arriving home from work.
  • Before deciding to sign an important contract.
  • Post dinner or dessert with friends,games and chats.
  • After a night out dancing,maybe later drive somewhere to watch the sun come up.
  • With people you ve just met.who most often become friends for life.
  • Vaping in a resturaunt smoking area,watching staff usually smile and laugh while looking in your direction or sometimes throwing a complete wobbly when they notice the smell wafting through their restauraunt:rant:.:hungry:
  • During an after work social.there are always one or two people attending who start trouble after a few drinks.it can blow up quickly and ruin a good night for everyone.best you do the honourable thing and sneak one in from the side and wait for the ensuing hilarity...everyone settles down.
Magic medicine :weed::chill:
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If You are unlucky enough to be a smoker here it will cost You $30 for a pack of cigarettes.

Tell me about it. I can't believe I picked them up again at Chrissy. To make matters worse it looks like they have discontinued the nicotine replacement I used to quit. I have about 30 left from when I quit nearly 2 years ago & tomorrow is day one again. Such a vile addiction.
For me there is no 'perfect' time; although that first buzz of the day is mighty nice. Since I use mmj for pain, my theory is to stay ahead of it. Much easier to control pain before it gets full blown. So speaking of which.....


Time to wake and vake!!
Before deciding to sign an important contract.

OK this is my favourite comment in this thread so far :thumbsup:

A. "Did you lease a dog?" :mad:
B. "Did I?" :shocked:
A. "Well somethings shit all over the rugs and there's a rolling charge on my CC" :BangHead:
B. "Oh yeh, I remember signing a contract, sort of" :uhoh:
A. "Well it looks like the dog just ate it" :dog:
B. "It was a long contract, gonna take him a little time to digest" :rofl:
Peace all!

The perfect time? THE PERFECT TIME?!

I am a husband. The "n" word is the perfect time.




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