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Vape The Space Cannon


Has anyone heard of this vaporizer?

At $299 it’s not cheap.
Thanks for posting this... :smile:

Looks like another company is jumping on the portable dab rig train. However they are still using coils for their atomizer; which I'm not a fan of. They say it's 'improved' because the temperature pulses instead of being constant. This would probably make it so that your product didn't burn as quickly. It's a shame they didn't go with the ceramic bucket type of atomizer. I think it would be a lot more appealing if they had.

I also think this statement from their website is a bit misleading:

"When deciding which vaporizer is right for you there are many factors to consider. We eliminated the price factor by detailing how the Space Cannon saves you money over time compared to every other product on the market!!!"

Justifying the price they're charging by saying that it will save you money over "every other product on the market" is a stretch imo. :twocents:
They say it's 'improved' because the temperature pulses instead of being constant.

Aaaaah, not sure I buy this. ALL digital vapes (well, the vast majority) use pulse width modulation (turning power on/off quickly) to control power. Its also known as duty cycle control. The amount of time in the "on" state integrated over time gives the power output. E.g. if its a 10 watt heater and its on a 50% duty cycle that means that the power will be on for half the time and off for the other half...all done in very fast pulses. The result is 5 watts of power.

Maybe its just cynical me....but some of these guys must think we are idiots when they put some "proprietary" spin on common tech.

My other favorite is "biogassification" sigh

Also, I sort of object to the pricing. My full up D-nail slim line with the SiC Halo with flat coil and Ti carb cap w-forked dabber/handle...the full monty...and it was $260. Auber RDK-300 w/o coil is $99 so now up to $360. Would be even a bit less if I bought the coil from Auber with the controller rather than from D-nail with the nail. Add in a $40 DHGate water pipe and you are up to $400. If you have a WP, then $360 for a dead nuts, top of the line, enail. Portable...no, but there are pens and carts for that, IMO.
still using coils for their atomizer
Look alright for $99($75 would be better) as I think it has a ceramic bowl atomizer, not coils by the look of it


Ceramic Bowl Atomizer

Edit, just saw the date and it is still in pre order

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