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Vape The Tempest


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Some time ago I hinted at a slim version of the TA.

For a while Bren at Mad Heaters and I had been bouncing ideas back and forth looking for a way to step away form the offerings available for a vape with this form factor.
I put a couple of prototypes together to prove the concept at this size then stepped back from the design work to concentrate on the TA range.
Bren has the resources to try out different ideas so he went for it.
We knew from the TA release that the Tempest had market viability.

When it comes to using readily available IH please keep an eye on the insulation layer on the work coil. We are running hotter and longer than heaters designed to work with the VC.

The rayon pucks I use look the same as when used in the TA so we've kept the convection bias.

This is my mobile IH I mentioned in the TA thread.

And with a bit of butane.

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