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Lunacy The Thread About Sad Stories That Personally Involve You


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So let me make something nice and sparkly clear.

This is NOT a quick read thread. You don't just drop in and leave. This is a thread where stories are told in their completion. If you have a problem with that, this is not the thread for you.

So back in circa 2006, I was living in this rundown shithole apartment building. And one of our neighbors was a legendary alchoholic known throughout the neighborhood. Bar fights, DWI's, jail sentences, etc. He was well known for challenging local police to fisticuffs.

Actually a nice man ... in the morning. Before he got drunk again.

Yet, I never saw him hungover. And one morning, I went over to check on him because it sounded like his whole apartment had collapsed and I "caught" him. Doing his anti-hangover routine.

Now, maybe this is a thing but I'd never seen it before and I've not seen it since.

He poured an entire bottle of Pepto Bismol into a cup. And then poured at least two vodka shots worth into the same cup, and chugged it. I stared at him doing it. Never saw him hungover.

So this man would regularly knock on my door, 11 am at the latest, asking me if I wanted to do some shots. Or drink some beer. It was clearly a desperate attempt to make a friend in his final days but I didn't know that at the time. I was 26. I didn't know shit. Plus I was a coke dealer and was paranoid as fuck. Somehow, he knew. He said he was, "looking out for me." Whatever that means.

So, at one point, I'd not heard from him in three days. Which was weird because the walls in this building were paper-thin. You could hear every goddamn thing everyone in the building was doing at any time. Yet, me and my bitch cunt cheating wife could not hear a thing. I was selected to go check on him.

And... yeah. There he was. Dead. Dead. Sprawled about on the kitchen floor. Bottle of Jack Daniels next to him. This man drank until his last waking moment.

Of course I checked his pulse and called 911 but it was pointless. This man was dead. Dead as fucking dead.

No one in town was surprised to hear about it.

I'll tell you right now, people. Seeing a dead human body in person is something you'll never forget. Nor should you. I've seen three. I'm certain there are some of you who have seen many more - to those, I'm sorry. I'm sorry as fuck. Those images don't go away.

Seeing a dead human body in person changes you.

Death can suckle my butthole, as far as I'm concerned.
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Wow... you sure have had a lot of life altering experiences.....

I've never found a person who was already dead and imagine it is a pretty intense experience. But I have been present for the deaths of three people. And.... it is a pretty intense experience in it's own way. Something about watching the life force leave a body... it changes you forever. And yeah.... you never forget.


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A lot of the time we don’t know what someone is really going through.

Online I’ve noticed how so many people attack others. I was involved in another online community. I kept getting attacked verbally by another member. I thought to myself I don’t need this shit. I had just lost my husband and needed something to occupy my mind. I originally had loved the online community at one time but this was added to my sadness that I was going through. Some of the PM emails he sent me were horrendous, really mean and degrading. I don’t even know this person! I had never been talked to like that in all my life and not since. I did block him from contacting me. I had enough of trying to avoid this person in the threads, he always had a negative comment aimed at me and others that he decided he didn’t like. So I finally decided not to continue to contribute to that online community.

Its easy for someone to spout out at others with no regard to their feelings. They don’t realize how their words can hurt.

It was traumatizing watching my husband die over 48 hours. I couldnt stay after we let him go and watch him breathe his last breath. With a fresh tragedy that altered my life forever I needed to protect myself and wrap myself in a cocoon.
I feel stronger now but we all need better than trolls attacking us to make themselves feel superior.
Put yourself first and don’t let others get you down or alter how you feel in a negative way.
Dont give power to the wicked.
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When i was younger, i was at a train station with an associate.. not a friend, he was an arsehole and destined to spend his life hurting innocent people...
Anyway.. shit happened and he ended up face down on a train track with a speeding train coming.. he had just enough time to look at me before it hit him... i will never forget that look in his eyes... real fear...
Soo made a huge mess... was not pretty.. not something ever to be forgot..
Least it was quick for him....

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