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Misc. To mag or not to mag - That is the question

Do you even mag?

  • Of course I do. Every time. Why else are they sold if not to be used?

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Most of the time. They are rather useful & provide a tangible benefit to my vaping

    Votes: 4 44.4%
  • Seldom. I can live without them & disrespect the makers name each time I fail to use one

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Never. I don't believe in using magnets. I might be the antichrist

    Votes: 3 33.3%

  • Total voters


Enter the Dragon
Having had a rather entertaining discussion about the benefits of using Neodymium magnets with a fellow member here, we found ourselves diametrically opposed. This member simply does not use magnets whereas I find it an almost essential tool to my vaping experience.

Do you use your VapCap with a magnet or fly solo?

What do you all think? Vote & let us know. Prove me right.

Do you mag?

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I use the Diametrical mags semi casually, 99% of my cap usage is through a water path with a wand or vong of some sort, typically leave it attached to the rig straight up until it cools, when its warm weather season and happen to use the VC native without wands, I use the mags as a heat sink or my cold granite counter tops just the same.
whether or not this is essential its debatable Stevenski:smoke::thumbsup:
I have Launch Pads with their central magnet in a few places around the house and I've given several as gifts. But one of my favourite Vapcap holders is a silver doughnut originally made for a space pen, no magnet. Pictured here with Caleb's tail, a burl bowl and my Ti Omni XL.
I can respect that @bizwaxzion & understand your reasoning behind it.


It is the never tried it mob......

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I have one dynavap magnet I bought from htv and one on my PSM
I only used them once watching George say it cools it down quicker
It does
And the dynavap one is better as it is stronger and can hold the dv as well

I use the magnet if I have my PSM as it cools it down between clicks quicker and gets sesh done quicker without slowing it down or cooling the material too much

Otherwise it works fine without magnets
But I think I prefer it

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