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Tips Trying Something New - UltraSonic Cleaner Infussion


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I have 8.5g of decarb'd kief mixed up with MCT and Lecithin for some of those killer Hash Caps. the plan was to put the mixture in the
instapot to create some more heavenly hash sludge/caps.

well, i have been reading about ultrasonic extractions. it is pretty thin pickings for information on homeowner ultrasonic infussions or extractions....lots of corporate equipment to buy if you are a gazillion-are. sound waves break down the cell structure....yada, yad, yada...well i figured my ultrasonic cleaner is just sitting here... might just see if setting some sludge in the ultrasonic for a 1/2 hour will "boost" these hash caps a bit....
after the 1/2 hour in the ultrasonic water bath, i will then place the jar of sludge in the instapot....tomorrow morning will be the first sampling.

i have no idea if this is going to work. right now i am a bit fush on this kief so i an giving it a shot.

--just checked the sludge....man the oil got dark....fingers crossed. just put it in the instapot.
this morning i tried my usual dosage of hash caps using these “sonic” hash caps….
some very early observations - after 4 hrs.

as with the ‘normal’ hash caps i always have a morning fat with 1/2 tespoon lecithin a half-hour prior to the meds.

~the chill seemed to come on in about 1/2 the time….1 hr vs. 1.5 hrs

~pretty chill morning yet able to function and enjoy conversations with my wife.

~i might be a tad higher? hard to say first dose out of the gate.

~i do like the ‘chill’

i am going to make some more of the ‘regular‘ hash caps to do some comparisons. we shall

if the medible’s “come-on time” could be shortened or possibly halved, that might help from time-to-time.

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