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Accessories Ultrasonic Cleaners

I thought my gooseneck rattle can looked a bit cloudy so gave it an ultrasonic clean with the bong filled with iso but it still looked a bit dull. I rinsed it then filled the bong with SimpleGreen and ran it again, you can see the goo collecting at the top while the game of Asteroids is going on,

I filtered the SimpleGreen and you can see the extras the solution removed,
Just found this thread. I have a resource here on ultrasonic cleaners that covers a lot of info that can bee seen here:

<Resource Link>

I'll include my latest update below to show what I'm up to now. I will ditch the stock photo for custom images later and may include some usage video:

One thing that surprised me about this ultrasonic cleaner is how quiet it is.

Update 01/17/2024

Using a new ultrasonic cleaner I purchased on Amazon. This unit is very promising. It's heated, has variable cleaning power, has an anti-gas mode, and a drain valve. I'm testing its cleaning abilities using suppressor parts, which get extremely dirty and can be very challenging to clean, so far the results are excellent.

Amazon Link to New Ultrasonic Cleaner

The New Ultrasonic Cleaner
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