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Vape Vapbong - Collyland Aromatizer


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Dang ! I didn't want one these. However after seeing the fella that makes them work & listening to him speak ..... I must have one. A hand made peice by a what appears to be pretty cool fella.

I have several glass peices that were very pricey. For me it has to do a lot with the personality that made them.

I have been turned off by the attitudes of some artist & I don't buy their stuff.

This is a cool peice combining the makers personality with art. It doesn't get any better


Dog Boy
...I was just wondering where this thread was...if you hurry Scott still has a couple...I want to buy the 3D one so hurry...!!!... (grin)

...I am thankful that I do not seem to have any sensitivity to the dreaded kanthal wire...

...I had never even considered that until people started complaining boot it...I remember something along those lines being an issue with other devices...

...maybe that is why this thread has no legs...???...or maybe there just isn't that much to discuss...???...it is just so easy to use right...

...the FC thread on the subject is a monster...

...FWIW I haven't used my other vapes since April, which is when I bought my 1st one from Germany...

...rather than getting bored with it I have bought several more in case something happens to the one I am using....the others are in storage, not rotation...

...it is not like you can count on getting one whenever you want...

....I also gifted two to brothers who should be vaping....I hope they do the trick...other deices failed to entice...

@ Hippie : ...thanks for posting that...!!!...I couldn't find his videos...

...there was one in English wherein he describes how he never grinds up his flower...I was looking for that one for prosperity...

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Got mine on the table for the first time in a long time. This really is a fun vape to use. cheers all.

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