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Tips Vapes for Skiers and Snowboarders

Marlon Rando

Well-Known Member
To all my fellow Mountain Athletes, curious what vapes do you find adequate and efficient for the slopes?, I have tried a few vapes both butane and battery powered with mixed results.
What are your thoughts?:sherlock:
When I go skiing, I like to sit in the observers seat of my boat and toke on my Fury2 as I tell my wife to slow down, the sharks are getting closer to our lures.
Joking aside, the F2 is the easiest portable I have for when on the move.:thumbsup:
haha.. those damn bully's:wink: if HR's has a sale on the F2, ill buy one to try out on the Mountain this season, was thinking the Fierce to be a decent fit however it might be too big to for an EDC.
HR have said this somewhere;
Hi All! FYI - we have a Labor Day weekend sale on our website ending Monday at midnight PST. Save $20 off of any FURY 2 bundle using coupon code: LABORDAY during the checkout process :).

Have an amazing Labor Day weekend!
Healthy Rips Team
It is very discreet too;
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