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Lunacy Video game name tags.


Gardening Grampa
Hi all, probably not too many here that game. I don’t much these days but I do have all the gaming systems. If anyone is on these, thought it would be cool to add each other.

PSN: Kurt_Digglur

GT: HaHa Kurtdigglr

Nintendo Switch: Don’t know my FC off top of my head but if you have one, we can exchange.

I play mostly on the PlayStation and Switch because I have them in my vape spot.
@Helios the switch lite looks cool. I do like being able to play on the big screen though. If you’re just going to use it for handheld mode and don’t couch multiplayer it would be a great purchase. The switch is highly popular now so it has tons and tons of games.
same here, gave away my older XB/PS regretfully. I go through phases particularly in winter months where its too f'ng cold to do much so 'casual' gaming helps with downtime from work. as much as I would love the updated better battery 'Switch' console not sure yet if it will win me over as much as the lite will, the price point is a deciding factor. and seems the lite version is more of a true mobile successor than the full fledged model bells and whistles to boot. disposable income seems like a distant star these days.

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