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Vivant Alternate, mini under dog, glass, screens and boxes

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I was doing a fall clean out and wanted to offer some vapes and accessories to the community.

I ask that if you can cover shipping that would be a huge help!

I would also cover shipping to you if you got any vapcap accessories such as screens or o-rings for trade..!


*alternate is spoken for.. rest is still available!


The walnut mini ud comes with 2 working wall plugs and one car port. I have a small stem made from a mflb walnut stem and the ud bottom.


This is glass is a rbt 18mm green stem, eq whip and elbow 18mm, hammer stem, 18mm to 14mm reducer, pollen press, no goo jar, and a few other odds and ends that came with Chinese glass bongs.


Eq basket, ddave eq mod screens glass screens and other sizes. That big pile to the right is the same size as the ones in the box on the first pic.


Pollen box, glass door under the screen.


Empty indica box great for projects such as vapcap induction heaters.

If you have any questions or would like a better picture please feel free to reach out! I would like to move this stuff to a respected home, if it doesn't move in a month or so I will take the post down and donate to goodwill!




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@Vitolo if there is anything here you could use for your program, I would be happy to cover shipping for you. :smile:
Let's give the gang a day or so to be sure members get the chance to get these great pieces, then if nobody requests them I would use the lot to supplement the patients situations.
Thank you @Philreal187 and @momofthegoons !
Not open for further replies.

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