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Wanna get whipped?

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Hey VA,

Wanted to take an opportunity to say thanks for the support!
It's time for me to offload whip tubing pieces that are left over lengths of tubing from each order.

To this end, I offer free (including shipping) a tear proof envelope of misc pieces of tubing to those who liked my most recent Rap “Mod Man Walking”

If @ataxian, @momofthegoons, or @HellsWindStaff would like to receive some whip tubing, please PM me with shipping details and we'll get packs out ASAP!

Thanks for the Support!

ps. the rap was posted on several websites, so all likes may not be visible on any single website that is checked.
She hits me.
What size do you think is needed to insert in the mp of a Mobius matrix sidecar? Would be nice to not have to hold it up to my face
Not open for further replies.

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