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Vape Warhead


Hanlon's razor
War head attachment from Simrell is a Ti straw with ti head and a well designed ti dish with a moat.

Nice piece…expensive but should last a lifetime.
Why? You think I'm gonna loose it...?
Possibly.. Just seems to be tempting fate saying things like that..
Is that stopper/plug in your iso jar faceted like a precious stone?
And where did you get it?
Hey how's it going? The iso stopper isn't faceted but it kinda looks like it in the pic. It came from a VA contest last year along with a nice set of dab tools a mat a tshirt etc. Thanks again for that MOTG.
Hey how's it going?
Great! And by the look of your vape station...so are you!
That wood in the stem looks fab...the whole unit looks quite sophisticated. :thumbsup:

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