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Research Welcome to Cannabis Research in the Vapor Asylum Research Labs


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This is the part of VA where we discuss the straight dope on cannabis, directly from the scientific research literature.

I will include a few guidelines to assist in keeping this section scientific and scholarly, to best meet the purposes of this section.

As a scientist and scholar, I am here to curate this section and assist in keeping the discussion scientifically rigorous. Don't let strict scientific standards scare you away. I would love to see you guys join me in the scientific fun (insert double-entendres here) and I am here to help make participation as easy as possible, even to the majority of us who are not scientists.

I wanted to point out the types of scholarly sources that we will include in this section:

* Scholarly Journal Articles - These are usually research reports detailing empirical studies, or may be other kinds of studies such as meta-analyses/archival research analyzing 'archival' data from pre-existing research (authored by scientific researchers, preferably from peer reviewed publications - see the website of the respective journal to find out if they are peer reviewed or not)
* Scholarly books - these are books that are authored by scientific researchers affiliated with a research institution such as a college/university etc.
* Dissertations (ie: PhD dissertations and others that were submitted to fulfill requirements of a postgraduate research degree)

The following are examples of the kinds of articles NOT to post in this section:

* Newsmedia articles of any kind
* Articles from blogs
* Almost everything you are likely to find on social media (unless you come across one of the above kinds of scholarly research article)
* Anecdotes

The above kinds of sources are better suited to other sections of the forum :peace:

Please provide stable URL links to the original research article that you share, even if it is behind a paywall. Stable URL's are links from the respective journal database that will always work for the article over time (journal publishers always provide this), as opposed to temporary links that usually get provided in news releases and will not work once those news releases are replaced by newer publications. If you are not sure if you have a stable URL, please provide whatever links you can find and tag me in the post, I will help you find a stable link :biggrin:

Scholarly research literature is often behind paywalls, as I have mentioned above. As such, it is very important that you directly quote the articles that you post here to describe the interesting and relevant aspects that you have read that made you want to share in the first place.

Please include all such quotes in inverted commas like this: "Insert scholarly quote here" (p. x) - note that I have included parentheses after the quotation marks indicating the page number from the original source where the quote appears. Please do the same.

You guys will notice me sharing articles in this section in the near future - which can serve as examples to further clarify the above guidelines in practice. I encourage you guys also to share any scholarly research output that you have come across :biggrin: Don't be afraid of making mistakes, we're not all scientists and part of why I am here is to assist any of you in any ways possible to share scientific information accurately and in a way that others can scrutinize adequately :science:

I look forward to having some great scientific discussion in here with my fellow wards of the asylum! :aaaaa:

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