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Lunacy well that sucks

Marlon Rando

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One bred by doctors.:thumbsup:
FFS. I just knocked my SheldonBlack knock off off my workbench, downstem broke of course.:shakehead: This was my DAB rig, I will use a spare matrix downstem from my FC-mod in it for now.:facepalm2:
Straight Fab egg with SOL in transit will replace it as my DAB rig.:thumbsup:
At least it was not an expensive piece, but still :mad:
Apple cider vinegar and Fels Naptha soap are our go to’s.

Poison ivy sucks

Poison ivy irritant is an oil. One drop can cover your body. So it's important to first scrub the oil away. Fels naptha works well for that. Dish soap and a fingernail brush works too.

If you don't get rid of the oil, and some gets under your finger nails you spread it everywhere you touch or itch.

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