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Tips What are you setting aside because of easy shipping coming to an end


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With the end of easy shipping approaching what things are you thinking of stocking up on? I am probably going to grab another vape and some vape specific glassware like stems and adapters. Beyond that I can’t come up with much. Suggestions please?
A couple more Alpha units.........just in case.
The ban will be a ban of the word vaporizer is all I am seeing.
You think the sublimator is exempt....
Caus apparently that doesnt vaporise...
AVS recently updated their energized silicon carbide crucible (ESCC) for their m22. Hoping to get one when it's available as well as their control tower (box mod). AVS hasn't addressed the shipping ban, AFAIK, but another e-cig company, District F5VE, that recently expanded into cannabis will stop shipping March 15.

EDIT: Would you expect the Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act to be included in the text of the American Rescue Plan 4Act of 2021? Not finding it. Text out today.

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