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Vape What is your favorite Portable Concentrate (Rosin specific, no carts) Vape?

Thanks guys for the reports on your experiences with the Airis stuff. I'm sorry that you had to expose yourself to possibly unsafe plastic shit. Just as concerning is the glue that they seem to be using to attach the plastic parts. Seriously, doesn't sound like they are thinking Safety First.

Without any real regulation, shoddy material like with this pen and the Volcano Hybrid fiasco and the first version Terp Pen with the insulated wire bullshit and the Vit E crap is going to happen more often. We become the informal guinea pigs.

The good news is that the fritted quartz atty's seem to be an up and coming gamechanger for the rosin world.


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My 2nd quaser finally arrived that I ordered before realising about the PC issue

Airistech has refunded me for the purchases

I really do love this vape but not sure about the safety
It performs so well and is super convenient with the self loading tool

What is really good is the oil atomiser that came with this bundle I bought and works on the quaser battery
It looks like it is made off the Hermes 3 design - airistech copy
This is glass and metal design and works amazingly well
Almost better than the hermes3
A cheap Hermes 3 for feco at any rate
So far less leaking issues too

Annoying that they can make this out of glass and metal but the quaser uses plastic
Only thing I don't know is how the coil is made and if it has exposed wires or if it is made safe like the hermes3

My flute from Longmada turned up

I think the atomiser is faulty as it gets very hot on the battery which drains very quickly and it doesn't really work that well - certainly nothing like the quaser
It is glass construction at least
If I put it on my modbox Pico it says 'atomizer short'
So I think it is faulty

I am in the process of negotiating a replacement
Hoping it will work properly then
It is certainly more janky feeling compared to the quaser, but is metal and glass no plastic

Will see how it goes if I get a replacement

I want to use my quaser more but am worried.....
Wish I could find something similar that works as well
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@felvapes I purchased the quaser before you came to realize the glass problem. I have used it a few times, but, you are whispering be careful it's plastic, in my sub-

conscious. It is a nice little pen, very discreet. I will use it, but sparingly.
I do use it at times, I just like you have in the back of my head that it is plastic and then sometimes fool myself I can taste it a tiny bit - really not sure this isn't my brain but there's like an aftertaste on tip of my tongue

It's just such a great little performer I find and easy to load etc

I now try to not have too many back to back draws in order to try and keep the radiating heat down and hopefully not get to off gas temp at the plastic if I do use the quaser

I don't use it all the time though as I am concerned and wish it was glass as it would be a definite DD

The oil attachment is brilliant so far though and glass/metal :)


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I got my Quaser just before heading to Launceston for a few days and thought about the plastic and just coated it all on the inside with rosin and just kept topping it up after every 4 or 5 puffs from my NoGoo clam shell container.
It is really stealthy to use and was great for a discrete puff or 3.
I will keep it for those sort of times due to the poly issues, I might even get a back up for it.

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