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  1. Yocan

    Vape Yocan Dyno

    Finally, with the efforts of all R&D staff and Yocan spirit of continuous innovation, Yocan Dyno new generation of digital nectar collectors has been launched. Its stylish appearance and intelligent operation redefine the nectar collector. The following introduces the characteristics of Yocan...
  2. thehippiepipe

    Vape The Hippie Pipe X - Analog Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

    Hi everyone, we would like to introduce our newest analog vaporizer, the Hippie Pipe X! Highlights: 30% Bigger Chamber compared to the original Hippie Pipe Rapid heating, No more indicators Superb build quality and features a Premium Design Telescopic Heating Chamber makes caps or any other...
  3. im not a robot

    Tips portable easy to use ON DEMAND vape that is all around wonderful

    ok i posted a similar query on fc, but would love to get feedback from you guys as well, as i am going back & forth between the different options i am seeing. i have been on a financial rollercoaster lately (climbing atm thanks universe), and sold my only remaining portable - a tinymight - when...
  4. R

    Vape Zeus GT

    Was surprised no thread on this one with all the hype during its intro. I don't get along well with most portables. In fact I've had a strong dislike for most I've tried. Had this one for a little more than a year ... I think? Biggest issue with the Zeus initially is air flow while taking a...
  5. Vitolo

    Vape Tafée Bowle

    A materials safety thread has been made on this vaporizer. It can be found here.
  6. Kellya86

    Vape Nectar portable

    Anyone know anything about this..???? https://www.nectarmedicalvapes.com/collections/dry-herb-vaporizers/ Apparently has the largest battery capacity of any vape out there...
  7. R

    Tips Discrete Portable

    Is there a stand out dry herb vape that has little odor both in use & when stowed in pocket or pack ? Sorry to say at times my Simrell is / has been failing miserably in this regard. I cant see any vape unseating it as my all around fav as of yet except for this issue..... With out going...

    Vape Elium Portable Vaporizer for Dry Herb and Extracts

    From the manufacturer A Truly Smart Vaporizer The moment you try Elium, you’re experiencing the future. Elium’s patented breakthrough technology ensures full flavor for every serving. With Elium, you’ll taste the difference. Live Resin Elium works great with live resin and other...
  9. MikeyRipz

    Tips Which portable to buy for a beginner

    Finally have talked my mom into trying some herb for some health problems. What port vape would you recommend for a noob? Plus i wouldn't mind trying a good herb vape, its been a long while and would like to see how much better they are now from 15 years ago. Thanks medicaters
  10. ?

    Vape Airistech Herbva 5G

    @herbivore21 What do you think of the safety of the Airistech Herbva 5g dry vaporizer. I have herd many bad things about this vape like the plastic would burn at high temperatures, but I have never experienced these problems before.
  11. momofthegoons

    Vape Bello Vapor Tap

    I'm putting this in unreleased because it shows as 'out of stock' but I don't know that it was ever out in 'the wild.' This is the first I've heard of it. But hey... I've been living in a cave since COVID. And here we thought nothing new was being developed in the vape world. Lol... well...
  12. Baron23

    Vape Vivant VLeaF GO

    I received a VLeaF GO to evaluate but I’m a bit late to the party with my observations. My attention has simply been elsewhere due to well…the obvious. I did not take and post any pictures as there are good pictures on Vivant's website (see below for direct link). Also, Vivant gave me a...
  13. Marlon Rando

    Vape Hippie Pipe - Hippie W

    Butane powered portable. Slim profile design unique to our niche market, uses a visual indicator during torching to let user know its ready to go. Still must respect the cool down period. Anyone fiddled with the hippie ever? https://hippievaporizer.com
  14. LesPlenty

    Vape What is your favorite Portable Concentrate - Rosin specific - Vape

    I have started to delve into the world of portable concentrate rosin vapes thank to pressing my own product. It seems there are quite a few different offerings on the market to choose from nowadays so I thought it would be good to hear what people are using. I currently use a Sai on a box mod...
  15. LesPlenty

    Vape The LP Portable Induction Bubble Hash Honker

    I was a bit jealous of everyone getting a new vape to test and thought, fuck it, I will make my own; That is a S/S concentrate capsule that came with my Boundless CF/x, my $10 homemade IH and a few glass pieces, Capsule loaded ready to cover with GonG, Half way through 3rd draw, I will be...
  16. BD9

    Vape The Honeystick Phantom

    Sticking (pun intended) with the honey theme I've found the Honeystick Phantom Squeeze Box Vaporizer for oils and concentrates. This one also looks interesting to me. At $129.00 it seems like a bargain. http://www.vapehoneystick.com/the-phantom-squeeze-box-vaporizer.html/ The Squeeze Box...
  17. BD9

    Vape Huni Badger

    https://www.hunibadger.com $189.00 I've said before, I know three facts about dab and concentrate rigs and all five of them are wrong. I want to introduce you to the Huni Badger Portable Electronic Vertical Vaporizer; https://www.hunibadger.com...
  18. momofthegoons

    Vape Wax Maxer by 7th Floor

    I follow ssv_steve_elev8 on IG and saw that he was promoting a new pen that 7th Floor is carrying, the Wax Maxer. He 'made' (which I believe means designed... perhaps @Vitolo would have more information?) the top portion that fits on a box mod (or other 510 thread mod) and had a ceramic well...
  19. Shredder

    Vape Mighty by Storz & Bickel

    What? No mighty thread? I've had mine roughly 41 months now. It still works well although the batteries are getting tired. I used it with just herb until the liquid capsules came out. It was a daily driver for a few years but now I just have too many vapes, lol. We use our mighty nightly for...
  20. herbivore21

    Vape Firefly 2 - for concentrate users

    Many of us may have heard of the Firefly 2 by now. It isn't exactly new. It released to some mixed feelings as a flower vape. There were definitely some major downsides. However, I'd always looked at this vape and thought that it would shine (if you'll forgive the pun) for concentrate use. For...

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