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  1. LesPlenty

    Vape What is your favorite Portable Concentrate (Rosin specific, no carts) Vape?

    I have started to delve into the world of portable concentrate rosin vapes thank to pressing my own product. It seems there are quite a few different offerings on the market to choose from nowadays so I thought it would be good to hear what people are using. Here is a video with a few of the...
  2. LesPlenty

    Vape The LP Portable Induction Bubble Hash Honker

    I was a bit jealous of everyone getting a new vape to test and thought, fuck it, I will make my own; That is a S/S concentrate capsule that came with my Boundless CF/x, my $10 homemade IH and a few glass pieces, Capsule loaded ready to cover with GonG, Half way through 3rd draw, I will be...
  3. Ed's TnT

    Vape PipeScents Portable Convection Vaporizer - Ed's TnT

    Like anything else I do it started off going one direction and can quickly veer off course and into something I hadn’t even considered. So, after an attempt at a Lotus stem body and some modifications by an innovative tester and a few betas down the line I am happy to be able to offer the...
  4. momofthegoons

    Vape AERO by Focus Vapes

    @PuffItUp did their 'first look' review of the AERO by Focus Vapes.... The AERO Vaporizer is a dual chamber convection portable by the new American design branch of FocusVape. We’ve been heavily “testing” the pre-release model – here are our initial thoughts! Vapor Production Pure convection...
  5. BD9

    Vape The Honeystick Phantom

    Sticking (pun intended) with the honey theme I've found the Honeystick Phantom Squeeze Box Vaporizer for oils and concentrates. This one also looks interesting to me. At $129.00 it seems like a bargain. http://www.vapehoneystick.com/the-phantom-squeeze-box-vaporizer.html/ The Squeeze Box...
  6. BD9

    Vape Huni Badger

    https://www.hunibadger.com $189.00 I've said before, I know three facts about dab and concentrate rigs and all five of them are wrong. I want to introduce you to the Huni Badger Portable Electronic Vertical Vaporizer; https://www.hunibadger.com...
  7. duff

    Vape AVS Molecule

    Egads. Just got the Advanced Vape Supply Molecule in the mail for $26 during their sale. I'm not a big concentrate guy so I'm not a pro, but damn. Just ran my first load through it and it easily hits quick and hard. I cleaned everything, scraped the coils, did some burn offs and set the mod to...
  8. NizzyJones

    Vape Firewood 5

    Still no Firewood 5 thread? Time to remedy that. Really loving mine (OG curved walnut model). Convection/Radiant on demand heater; wood, glass & ceramic vapor path; five bowls built in; good battery life; easy to use, easy to carry, beautiful wood, woodworking and overall build quality. My...
  9. S

    Vape Mighty

    What? No mighty thread? I've had mine roughly 41 months now. It still works well although the batteries are getting tired. I used it with just herb until the liquid capsules came out. It was a daily driver for a few years but now I just have too many vapes, lol. We use our mighty nightly for...
  10. BD9

    Vape Starry By X Max

    First, check out Randy's shirt! It's fucking awesome he's rockin' Vapor Asylum T-Shirt. The Starry looks like an excellent portable option. I'm having a slight buyers remorse moment as I ordered the Healthy Rips Fury2 yesterday. Below are the video review and the link to the teardown. Our...
  11. Cheesequake

    Vape Healthy Rips Fury 2

    Noticed there wasn't a Fury 2 thread on here so I guess I'll make one. Manufacturer website: https://www.healthyrips.com/ I got one of these yesterday and I absolutely love it. It's super tiny, feels very sturdy, heats up quickly, and produces extremely tasty/dense mostly convection vapor...
  12. little miss deadly

    Vape Pulsar Flow

    Hi Everyone.This was my purchase during recent black friday sales.i went for the wood model. Pulsar Flow details: Convection hybrid design Inbuilt lithium ion battery quartz heating chamber similar magnetic vapor cooling plate design as the firefly quartz heating chamber heat ranges...
  13. herbivore21

    Vape Firefly 2 (for concentrate users)

    Many of us may have heard of the Firefly 2 by now. It isn't exactly new. It released to some mixed feelings as a flower vape. There were definitely some major downsides. However, I'd always looked at this vape and thought that it would shine (if you'll forgive the pun) for concentrate use. For...
  14. herbivore21

    Vape Da Vinci IQ

    So I thought that we need a thread for this one here. I have recently had the chance to experience one of these and it is wonderful! I had no hardware issues with my unit and have not had to RA at all so far. I know I'd heard about that happening to some extent especially upon release. A few...
  15. D

    Tips Oil in cartridge

    So, we have a cartridge sitting on an e-leaf iStick. Not mine, hers..It's from the dispensary and is .5ml. 86% THC. SO uses it for her own serious condition... It's older and the "oil" doesn't move around so much at all - it doesn't move as though it would spill out if you tilted it. Any...
  16. Linx Vapor

    Vape Linx Vapor

    Hello Vapor Asylum members, My name is Eddie and I represent Linx Vapor. We are a California based vaporizer manufacturer and our mission is to bring innovative, health conscious vaporizers to the Cannabis community. It is our hope that we can forge a great relationship with you...
  17. Baron23

    Vape Ghost MV-1

    Reposting my thoughts and reviews, originally posted to another site, related to my initial experiences with the MV-1. got one early but I'm late to the game in using and posting about it. Crazy week and I don't have much time now. This is pretty much the same post I made over on Bud's site. I...
  18. N

    Vape RBT Milaana

    The Milanna must not go missing from this forum including RBT's latest creations, the Zion and the Splinter. Milanna hits like Mike Tyson,The taste, oh the taste, is the best I've ever had. Its 100% on demand convection heating.It extracts like a table top and the vapor and clouds,both dense &...
  19. SlowDrawMcGraw

    Vape The Flip Brick by Sticky Brick Labs

    Hey everyone, decided to make a thread for the Flip Brick, Our smallest, and lowest priced device yet is a direct WPA for all of your water, or j-hook needs. Available in walnut, cherry, and rock maple. The Flip Brick sits upright to store or load, then flips to attach to your glass. The...
  20. 420vapezone

    Vape Firewood 4

    The Firewood 4 is a portable convection vape made of wood. The 4th iteration features a removable 18650 battery, a separate (optional) cooling unit/top cap, and a capsule system for multiple sessions on the go. The heater is on-demand. It senses your draw and turns the heater on. It is still...

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