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Community Who Are You and What Are You In For?


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I'm momofthegoons (aka Nurse Ratched and... most just call me mom), :hello:

Some of you may know me from around the webz ...:tongue:

I've been a ganga gal using our green miracle for over 40 years, but only started vaporizing in 2009. For me, it was a matter of changing the way I ingested my medicine or stop using it altogether. I medicate with cannabis for chronic pain and stopping wasn't an option for me. It's what keeps me off of narcotics. But I was coughing like a fool and sounded like someone who had been smoking cigarettes and drinking whisky for their entire life. You know the wheeze? I was introduced to vaporizing and within a week the coughing had stopped. Within two weeks, my lungs had cleared. And man..... the taste!!! I could actually taste the different strains I was vaping. It was a lightbulb moment. :idea: I'd found a new way of life.

I love music, photography, dogs, flowers, cooking, boating, family and dabbing. :torching:

And an occasional shot of tequila. :bandit: :tongue:

But mostly I enjoy getting to know fellow cannabis enthusiasts and lending support to those who need it. Hence, the asylum.

How bout you?
Well, well looky, looky what we have here?
A brand new forum, previously uncontaminated by the unwashed masses?

OMG #Fucking awesome!!

Dorkus here and molorkering’s my game. Im a political refugee fleeing my homeland from the oppression of snowflakes who get all butthurt when I try to have a bit of a fucking giggle and say something provocative.

You may remember me from other forums and threads such as…….

‘Dear dorkus,’ and ‘Im a chronic masturbator, are you? Lets talk’

Im an out and proud omnisexual (I do anything to anything) & my preferred pronoun is ‘ hey fuckface’ .

Some of you may have heard of people who are gender fluid? Well im racially, culturally and genderally fluid on any given day and I expect everyone to respect my identity choices & preferred pronoun of the moment.

After all its my body & identity right?

So, if Im wearing a sombrero, drinking a bottle of mezcal, scaling a wall or cooking something that looks like cat vomit, you may call me Jesus. But only if I have my pork burrito out, if I don’t then you have to call me Ezmerelda. However normally I try to keep her strictly for ‘BOGO self saucing fish taco Tuesdays.’ I highly recommend the Miley & the Britney fish tacos. I don’t remember which is which, but one has stilton cheese on it and the other has sour cream with a slight flavour of 3 day skanky panties.

Now, if Im driving a taxi, providing IT support or manning the counter at 7/11, you may call me Lakshit. So if you see me scoffing a lamb vindaloo, dropping a deuce in the gutter whilst surrounded by filth, come on over say hi & get some complimentary hepatitis.

Remember, if I rub my left hand all over yr face its good luck!

See me out and about wearing ugg boots, buggering a sheep whilst collecting welfare in Australia?
chances are im a kiwi and you need to call me Kuvin. (kiwi for Kevin)

If Im doing all those things except buggering the sheep, chances are im an aussie. If I have a blue singlet aka a wife beater on. You may call me Davo, but if I have a bluebird tattooed on my left boob and have a six pack of bourbon and cokes cooling in my womb then Im Sharon or Shazza to my mates.

Shazza has 5 kids to 6 different dads and she named them all Declan. Its easier she says, ‘ Declan get the fuck in the shower, Declan go to fucking bed, Declan stop doing left handed Hi 5’s with Lakshit!’

When Shazza wants to address the little cretins individually, she just uses their last name. It’s a great system.

On occasion I wake up Swedish.

Sometimes I think im some sort of Asian but im not sure. I get me some flip flops, stick a wok on my head and head out to watch ‘Enter the Dragon’ No matter how hard I try, I just cant get my head around how stupid of a name that is for a dragon.

Besides I cant bring myself to eat my dog, im no good at math, I generally know where im going when driving.

In all seriousness, I just wish to say congratulations Mom, you should be very proud.

I know that you will continue to inspire, befriend and make a meaningful difference to the lives of many people that you will most probably never meet.

Just like you have for me………

Because that’s just who you are.
(Im amazed I haven’t put you off adopting strays to be honest lolz, Ima bit nuts in case you havent noticed)

The site looks great & will suit my purposes nicely.
Well done.

Im sure we will have lots of fun & good laffs here.

When you asked me if I liked being committed?
I thought you were asking if I liked being married?

So, I said ‘ Sure being committed is a fucking riot!’

One minute Mom is sneaking up behind me and holding a cloth to my face.
And the next minute I woke up here wearing some sort of jacket that’s been put on me backwards.

To be the first public member to join this new forum is an honor.
Very Happy Special Super Terrific Numba Juan bitches!

So, in conclusion……


This village just got its 1st idiot!

Come on in, the waters fine.

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I spy, with my little eye a few people I recognize.... :wave: Really good to see all of you. I realize it's a work in progress but with all of your additions, I know this will be a great forum.

And then there's dorkus... I'm taking bets folks. My bet is that he will be the first person to get a warning point on the forum. :rofl2: Although...

Hello. I'm Ron...at least I think. Living in Whale's Vagina and vaporizing cannabis daily. I discovered vaporizing back in the summer of 2014.
I was tired of coughing and the overall harshness of combustion. Did plenty of research and found the LSV coupled with a bong suited me best. I wanted to completely stop smoking and transition easily to vaping. Huge vaporbong hits did the trick. :sisi3:

Well low and behold, that combo of the LSV and bong immediately made me a believer. It was that "aha" moment, this is how you're suppose to use cannabis. Haven't looked back since...I've combusted a handful of times, a few joints and blunts socially but that's it.

I bought the Air about 10 months ago and love it. I can finally vape anywhere....ohhh sweet freedom. So basically yeah cannabis is my medicine and vaporizing is the tits. :razz:
Hi There....I'm His_Highness and I've been gettin happy for more than 4 decades. I got into vaping about 3 years ago when my wife retired and my cannabis budget tripled. Up until she stopped working she couldn't get high because her company did random drug testing more than most. She went from never.... to never stopping, almost immediately. When I started looking for ways to make our stash last longer vaping kept coming up as a solution.
Bought my first vape, an MFLB and immediately saw my 'bud budget' reduce below what it was when it was just me gettin happy. :aaaaa:

The MFLB is so stealthy that we found ourselves getting happy all over the place. Going to the beach and gettin happy, going to dinner and gettin happy, going to the movies and gettin happy, going to get our nipples pierced and gettin happy, streaking through the adult center during bingo......well, you get the idea.
Slow Draw McGraw
All About that Vapor

Ive Been vaporizing since 2012 and have been completely smoke/combustion free since 2014. My first vape was the one that gets lots of folks started: box/whip combo. I then bought a portable vaporizer and the rest is history. I now enjoy a variety of vaporizers! I can't to wait see this forum grow!!!
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I lost track of when i started smoking cannabis. Started to dabble in vaping around 2012. Made the full conversion in 2013-2014, who knows. All i know now is i had to give it up all together last month and it absolutely BLOWS!! I still stick around because i guess I'm waiting for policies to change or until i retire in 31 fucking years. Either way i still have a passion for vapes, especially my wood. I love wood! My hopes are to soon contribute to the wood vaping community in some form. But that's a story for another time and place. Good to see some friendly faces here. this should be fun! Thanks @momofthegoons for this new spot to hang my hat.
I became part of the vape converted 2 yrs ago. :angel2: For every reason. Budget, health, convenience and how it steers me toward science, interesting people and other curiosities. I became better at typing. Other members in other forums encouraged me to post even more. Then it took on a life of it's own. Now I am on the ground floor of a new place with some familiar faces. Seeking asylum again....:goofy:

Rethink-ed and ditched everything I thought I knew previously about different flowers.

Once I get a bulletproof VapCap or equivalent, I will have a well rounded arsenal for any occasion. Not that I would ever regress and start combusting.:yikes:
Look forward to see what direction this place goes and being an early member. :dogpile:

Let the good times roll...
Hello all.
I started my journey with MJ almost three decades ago, when I was way too young to know any better and converted to Vaping back in Aug of 2013.
Nice to see some familiar faces, I'm looking forward to watching this place grow into a community we can all call home.
I am a psoriatic arthritis patient, I started vaping 5 years ago when I had to stop taking morphine. I vape to relieve pain, nausea, and the effects of chemo/immuno therapy. It helps with sleep also.
Hi Guys,

Can't remember how long I've been vaping, had a tough time giving up the cigs. Always believed that cannabis kept on leading me back to the truly evil leaf (tobacco) as all my friends used to smoke spliffs (weed and tobacco).

After discovering the ability to vapourise my cannabis I've managed to convert nearly all my friends, they are now healthier, stink less and save bucket loads of cash due to the efficiency improvement and avoidance of crazy tobacco costs.

My vaping journey by device:
  • IOLite Wispr
  • MFLB (Plus power adapter)
  • V2Pro Series 3 (Dry Leaf Cart)
  • PAX2
  • GrassHopper (Game Changer)
  • OmniVap XL (Never saw this one coming, major game changer)
Happy to be here sharing experiences and having some fun.

Also I'm adopting this emoji >>> :nunchuks:, just waiting for the paperwork to go through.
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Hello all! I join the pack! :cheers:
I started vaping 6 years ago, and I eventually gave up the cigs ! So it's my healthy alternative for my medecine by the plants.:biggrin:
And as a woodman myself, I like to create wood stuffs for vaporizers.
Happy too to share some time with you all! :icon_popcorn:
Thanks for the cool site, motg! Just what the doctor ordered on snow day # four.... My kids are grateful (I'm assuming) you found something for me to do. It's going to be fun being here as things develop.

I enjoyed the greenery fully from the tender age of 14 or 15 through 25 or 26 and stopped because my brain couldn't grow fast enough to keep up with the increasing quality of the goods that were starting to circulate around that time.

Fast forward to around some 27 odd years later and an Akron/Family concert at a festival in upstate NY, a very effective peddler at the camp site right across from where we were (geez why did I take my kids???) hawking 'strawberry haze' which after around 6 hrs. simply sounded too good to pass up and bang I was right back at it. But smoking wasn't going to work for me. I started looking into vaporizing and took the dive enthusastically. That was two years ago and I've become increasingly more engaged with the ways of my 14 yr. old self. Vaping mj keeps me in close contact with me.

Which reminds me of @dorkus_molorkus . My only suggestion at the moment would be to exempt him (based on my limited knowledge of Latin noun endings) from warning points. His genius should be allowed to run rampantus.
I started smokong hash at the age of 11....
Way too young..
By 14 I was in fields and woods all night, enjoying party drugs, pills and powders....
But 19 I was into crack and smack...
I destroyed my life and hurt people around me...
I was a dick.....

Luckily I realised my mistake before it was too late, (after a year) and managed to pull myself out of the shit hole I was in... with the help of my parents, who had every right to give up on me...
It involved me being locked in a room for 2 weeks in much discomfort....
All I had was 1gram of herb to help me... And it did...

Fast foward 10 years, and iv made something of my life, I'm working hard building up my businesses, and providing a good life for my wife and children...

Smoking camnabis always stayed with me, but in september 2015 I joined a popular vaping site, and quit smoking... oh and I revisited my past cultivation hobbies...

I wish id done it much earlier, it was a revelation...
This is what getting high should be...
Not the groggy, heavy, stoned feeling that comes from inhaling fire...

And having to ability to produce my own flowers has allowed me to remove myself from the undesirables left in my life..
And not pay stupid money for shit quality flower.. I'm from the uk by the way...
It's common for criminals to coat cannabis in foreign substances here, that could be detrimental to health..

And I'm all about health now...
My life could have gone 2 ways at the age of 19, I'm glad I'm not dead, a iv got alot of body abuse to make up for....
I look forward to many years of healthy vapimg ahead of me...
Been getting high since the early 90's & have always been a heavy consumer. Being honest cannabis keeps other more destructive impulses in check & is the lesser evil by a long way. Started vaping in early 2012 but it was 2015 when I switched full time & have no regrets whatsoever. I have even managed to convince some of my "on the weekend when I get a chance" mates to buy vaporisers.

It is also fantastic to see the esteemed membership here already. Thanks @momofthegoons for opening the kitchen up for baking.
I started smoking cannabis after high school due to stress combined with feeling adventurous before my big move to University. I found it helped so much with my sporadic appetite and poor sleeping habits that I never stopped; far more effective than any over the counter solutions I had been provided.

Once I got to Uni a lack of funds had me seeking the most efficient way to administer my cannabis; which I was taking 1/2 recreationally/medicinally I'd say.. This brought me to vaporizing. As soon as I tried it I never went back to combusting.

It was more efficient use of my herb, it was more stealthy, it was more effective and it tasted better. Why would I ever choose to smoke again?!

I also suffer from mild asthma and allergies so smoking was always a struggle for me. Depending on the strain I got from "buddy" I often couldn't consume enough to provide the effects I was seeking.. Sometimes it left me feeling worse than before I smoked because now I had to deal with the effects of the smoke itself! Vaping completely solved this problem.

And finally being a geek I can't help but be enthralled by vaping tech! Every few months it seems like there is a wave of new designs and companies popping up all over the planet. Some even take feedback from their customers and directly implement those requests in their next line! I feel so included with the vaping community that that alone would have driven me away from smoking; even if it wasn't the superior way to administer cannabis :biggrin:
I have been smoking herb since I was 16 years old and have been doing that for the next 18 years. In the meantime I tried vaping once with a brother vaporizer but at the time I didn't know what was what and thought it didn't do anything for me. Remembering how the abv looked at the time it would have made for some great abv coconut oil :)

During 2015's december I started thinking about quiting tabaco but without willing to give up on thc I started looking at vaporizers again and found out that there were portables now. So I bought my first portable a Haze Dual closely followed by a second Haze Dual and after a few months I was lucky enough to welcome a Homegrown Log. The HGL is now my daily driver and just yesterday I found out that it rips thru hash like there is no tomorrow and boy...does it get me were I want to be :)

Have a great weekend everyone

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