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Vape XVape Vista Mini 2


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I'm still not convinced about the viability of concentrate vaporizers. This almost looks like something that someone threw against the wall to see if it would stick...but it's an improvement over the original?

I look forward to anyone showing me I'm wrong about this, this, contraption. It looks more transportable rather than "highly" portable.

The XVape Vista Mini 2 portable concentrate eRig. A powerful, highly portable vaporizer for concentrate consumption.


  • 4 Heat Settings Indicated by LED light [COF: the LED lights make the water in the bubbler look pretty.]
  • AIO Crystal Quartz Atomizer with short circuit protection (2 atomizers included)
  • Fast 10 second heat-up time
  • Hand-blown Borosilicate Detachable Glass Bubbler and flared mouthpiece
  • Glass Discovery Carb Cap (easy to see inside the atomizer)
  • Wireless & USB Charging with 60 dab average battery life [COF: battery life or charge?]
  • Haptic Feedback Technology
  • Free Impact resistant, smell proof carrying case included!

Apologies for the over-the-top skepticism.
Most owners say it is crap. :twocents:
It doesn’t look very portable. I guess it depends on what portable means to you. It doesn’t say how small it is? It looks like something you use at home. Maybe someone that has one will add to this thread.

This picture gives us a better idea how big it is. PlanetVape has it. It looks like $159.00

X Vape Vista Mini 2 Vaporizer in hand

The XVape Vista Mini 2 is the smallest portable e-rig yet, and is easy to carry
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I have been sent a few vapes by XVAPE to get to grips with so I can help anyone with questions/problems. I made the following video while taking my first dab with the unit,

I have now used the rig for a dozen battery charges or more since and found a 3mm ruby does wonders in helping get full even extraction as the carb cap does not spin. I have been using rosin dabs slightly larger than the ruby ball and get 2 to 3 inhales from it. I simply triple click as I am almost finished my draw to turn off the unit rather than let it run for the 35-second sesh timer, rinse and repeat...no char this way, and an easy clean up with a dry q-tip followed by an iso q-tip. The Atty is similar to the Qomo just bigger as it has the flat ribbon heater strip embedded in the base of the quartz so is hopefully as resilient as the Qomo quartz (the pack comes with 2x Atty).
It is a small unit but in no way pocket-sized but comes in a really nice semi-hard travel pouch. I am not sure of how many dabs per charge as it has wireless charging so it is always topped up for me, I really do like this feature...the battery probably does not though. :twocents:
I am still enjoying the unit as the little bubbler works/feels great and is simple to clean.
It is about US$125 from Xvape,
Or about US$110 at Cream City Vapes at this time with code CCV25,
https://www.grasscity.eu/xvape-vista-mini-2-electronic-dab-rig.html (108 euro at checkout)
So it can usually be found pretty cheap and is great value at a bit over 100 bucks in my book (I am sure there are even better deals about).
Any questions or tips are welcome.:thumbsup:
I actually used a 4mm ruby, not 3. I also managed to char a little even on low...it was the 4th reheat of the same dab, I knew it was close to finished but reheated anyway. It worked out great as I now know I can burn it clean by running at max temp for a cycle so I do not have to worry about charring so much...nice.


Reloaded after a burn clean, good for about 4 puffs on low,

I got 20 puffs and 1x 35-second burnoff sesh before the led flashed red to signal the charge is 20% or less.
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I purposefully charred a largish load in the VM2 by continually reheating a dab on low until I got no more vapor, the result was pretty messy,

I then turned the unit to the Red (highest) setting and let the unit run, the first cycle here,

It heeded a further 2x runs on Red to get to here,

A couple of small bits remained until I used a toothpick to dislodge them...good as new.
I would not recommend using the unit this way as the last of the dab was not great and constant hot firing will shorten the coil life. A simple q-tip, while there is still a bit of 'wet' left, is a better plan of attack but it is nice to know the quartz is easy to clean up if you go too far!

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