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Forum Rules

VaporAsylum Rules

Hello and welcome to VaporAsylum. This is a forum for the exchange of medical marijuana and vaporizing information, support and fun. Our goal is to provide a friendly atmosphere and our main rule is to be nice. Our moderators are accessible if you have any questions or concerns. All forum members will be expected to adhere to these rules and general forum etiquette. VaporAsylum does not condone any illegal activity. You must be 18 years of age or over. You are responsible for knowing your local and national laws.

If you need to contact us, please email support@vaporasylum.com.

All commercial members must be approved prior to posting. After reviewing our general forum rules, please go to the link below for the rules for commercial posters.

Be Nice:

• All members should be treated with respect. Because of the nature of this forum, we have members that are sick, in pain, and with disabilities. Take that into consideration before responding to a post that may have ‘rubbed’ you wrong.
• No flaming. Posting content that harasses, belittles, threatens or flames another member is not allowed. Name calling is not allowed (i.e.. liar, idiot, jerk, thief). Posts written to offend are not allowed.
• Do not attack companies. You can post about your negative experience, but continued posting and slamming of a company will not be allowed. You are free to post the resolution of an issue. All posts regarding companies will be evaluated for perceived intent.
• No trolling. Do not post with the intent of disrupting the community
• Do not post any content that is vulgar, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist or discriminatory.
• Public discussion of moderator posts and decisions is not allowed.
• Report rule breaking posts. Responding to a rule breaking post often results in unnecessary arguing between members and can take a thread off topic. Responding in kind to a negative post can result in a warning point being issued. Instead, hit the report button on the bottom left of the post and a moderator will take care of it. However, misuse of the report system can result in a warning point.

Forum Policies

• We do NOT promote any type of illegal activity. It is your responsibility to know the laws in your area.
• Do not remove or edit a moderator note on your post.
• Content posted on VaporAsylum will not be deleted if a member decides to leave. Deleting content causes holes in threads and makes them difficult to read.
• Multiple accounts are NOT allowed for general membership. Creating a duplicate account will result in a permanent ban. This rule may be waived for commercial accounts but prior authorization must be issued by administration.
• Do not post the content of your private messages here or emails without the consent of all parties involved.
• Private messages are not moderated on this site. However abuse of the private message system is grounds for an immediate and permanent ban. If you feel a member is harrassing you or sending you unwanted content, hit the report button. You can leave a private message by clicking the ‘Leave Conversation’ link and ‘Ignore Future Messages.’
• Members can place other members on ‘Ignore’ by clicking on the member’s avatar and using the ‘Ignore’ button there. This will make that members posts invisible to you and prevent them from contacting you.
• Any content posted to promote a specific agenda or cause must be approved by staff. In addition, the classified section is the only place on the forum where you can mention you have an item for sale/trade.
• Posts and signatures with links to sites with affiliate links will be approved on an individual basis.
• Do not ask to beta test or ask for free items.
• The only place discussion of selling or soliciting items is allowed is in the Classified section of the forum.
• Discussion regarding cannabis legalization and law is allowed here. Otherwise we are an apolitical forum and general political content is not allowed. This includes discussion, images, memes, cartoons, and jokes. They tend to create disharmony. Leave your drama at the door.
• No discussion of selling drugs or looking for buyer/seller contacts is allowed.
• The promotion of counterfeit products is not welcome.
• All contests and giveaways must be approved by staff and should only be posted in the Contest section of the forum.

General Forum Etiquette

• Please do some reading and use the search feature to see if your question is covered before posting.
• Rules for a thread may be posted in the OP. Please take a moment to read before posting.
• Stay on topic. Please avoid derailing a topic with other discussion.
• Please do not spam by double-posting or cross-posting the same message in multiple locations.
• Please avoid making back to back posts when possible. Your edit window is six hours and your post can be modified during that time.
• Do not bump your thread for responses.
• When using the quote feature, please only use the portion of the post that is relevant.
• Large, distracting signatures are not allowed.
• Do not create a thread with only a link in the post. Please add some content.
• Remember that it is hard to gauge intent with the written word so use thought when posting so that your intentions are clear. Good grammar and punctuation help convey your thoughts and information in a more meaningful manner. Do not post for the sake of increasing your post count. Put some effort into your posts.
• Do not state opinion as fact.

Warning System

Members that break the rules may be issued one or more warning points depending on the severity of the infraction, and/or have their posts edited or removed.

• 1st warning - warned
• 2nd warning - 3 day ban
• 3rd warning - 7 day ban
• 4th warning - 15 day ban
• 5th warning - permanent ban

Permanent bans will be issued for the following:

• Evading a ban by registering a new account will result in a permanent ban on all associated accounts.
• Posting of personal information without permission will also result in a permanent ban.
• If a member shows that they cannot, or have indicated they have no intentions to, abide by forum rules and is disruptive the warning system will be waived, their membership will be revoked resulting in a permanent ban.
• Threats or abusive language towards the moderators in the public forum posts or through private messages may also be grounds for a permanent ban.

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules.

*Rules For Posters With a Commercial Interest

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