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Butane Quality / Lighter Refuelling Technique

Why you should use high quality butane and how to fill a lighter correctly

  1. GreenHopper
    This resource covers two aspects relating to the butane lighters.
    • The quality of the butane
    • The correct technique for using the butane to fill your lighter
    The quality of the butane

    The quality of the butane relates...
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Recent Reviews

  1. t-dub
    Awesome info, great stuff to know especially regarding degradation plastic lighter bodies by ISO. You don't want one of those rupturing in your hand.

    Remember, safety is no accident.
  2. OldOyler
  3. turk
    ...very well said..precise...informative...good job! great contribution.
  4. UN~YAH
    Excellent resource!
  5. momofthegoons
    Great info. Had no idea about the quality of butane having such an effect on lighters.