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  1. momofthegoons

    Meds Sulfer in Dabs

    Who knew? All the more reason to try and stick to rosin. This is sort of a promo article for Puretane but has some info that I think is worth posting. Your Dabs Are High in Sulfur (and You Don’t Even Know It) The sneaky stank that’s spoiling BHO. It was a space-cake honeymoon destined to come...
  2. A

    Vape Vapman by Element Medical

    I would like to introduce to the asylum one of the most refined butane vape out there. It is an old design, improved to almost perfection during 10 years, swiss made, tiny gold plated bowl Here the first official video from swiss mountains Here the recent one including the new heating...
  3. GreenHopper

    Butane Quality / Lighter Refuelling Technique

    This resource covers two aspects relating to the butane lighters. The quality of the butane The correct technique for using the butane to fill your lighter The quality of the butane The quality of the butane relates to how well filtered it is, the higher the quality the less contaminants are...

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