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510 mod vape

  1. BD9

    Discontinued RBT - Splinter V2 and Splinter Z

    I remember hearing about RBT and the Milaana. RBT has two new vapes. The Splinter V2 and the Splinter Z. Please excuse my ignorance, but apparently they only work with 'mod' boxes with 510 coils. I hope that means something to some of you. I don't get the 'mod' box thing. I like the look and...
  2. Cuckfumbustion

    Discontinued G43

    The Vape Critic's portable glass vape. Minimal amount of parts with an 18mm male socket. Works with a couple of Box Mods (or perhaps even less. )
  3. duff

    Vape Modpod Labs Stempod

    The ModPod Labs Stempod is a 510 full convection dry herb attachment available now. It is very similar in style to the Splinter except the Stempod is all metal. The Stempod has airflow adjustment, replaceable coils, nearly indestructible and can accommodate any 18mm male stem. Since you can...
  4. duff

    Vape Tubo Evic by Lamart

    Full convection on-demand vape made in Switzerland. What's not to like?

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