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Vape Modpod Labs Stempod


Get off my grass!
The ModPod Labs Stempod is a 510 full convection dry herb attachment available now.

It is very similar in style to the Splinter except the Stempod is all metal.

The Stempod has airflow adjustment, replaceable coils, nearly indestructible and can accommodate any 18mm male stem. Since you can completely disassemble the Stempod, it is 100% cleanable.
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Nice rip, @duff! I was actually planning on making a thread for the Stempod but you beat me to it.

I got my Stempods in on Friday, which was well ahead of the mid-August shipping timeline that the creator gave me. It is always great when you start your experience with a manufacturer with better-than-expected service.

After some user-error related struggles early on, I am starting to get the hang of this vape. I am quickly becoming a fan, and I think I have found a new DD.

Some initial positive aspects of the Stempod that I have found:
  • Instant heat - I am able to push the button and get visible (and tasty) vapour on the first draw
  • Solid construction - being a klutz, I like the lack of breakable parts on the Stempod body. I think I will need to get a wooden stem or two. @phattpiggie do you make 19/22 stems?
  • Even vaping - I have not needed to consider stirring at any point. The colour is generally pretty even throughout the load. If I overdo it, the middle will be a bit darker than the rest, but otherwise it is very even.
  • Easily rebuildable coils - I always fear having to send vapes in and being without them for a while. One aspect I enjoyed when @Pipes project was my DD was that I could always build a new coil if something went wrong. And in this case, the coils seem much easier to "make".
  • A "light" vape signature - I find some vape signatures are too "heavy" for me, especially those that actually help my stomach. However, I find the Stempod to give a good effect without weighing me down.
That's it for now, I am really loving this thing so far. I know it is during my vape honeymoon period, but this vape checks a lot of the important boxes for me. Now I need to decide on a second mod to hold my second Stempod...any advice out there?
How does the StemPod compare with the other 510 vapes?
Very comparable but there are more variables (adjustable airflow, coils) with the stempod so it may take more time to get it dialed in. But really I would have been pretty satisfied with the stock stems at 30 watts although they felt a bit hotter to me than the hive coils.
The taste on the stempod really surprises me.
Quite delicious.

And for posterity...
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I have a Stempod and mod on the way right now. Decided to hop on the 510 bandwagon. I don’t think it will be my DD but definitely going to have fun using it solo.
Hopefully I can put the StemPod to work today. Didn’t have batteries for my mod, the vape shop said they’d have some in today, so hoping it happens. I’ll be blasting off soon.
Damn surprised at the lack of love for this one.
Definitely my go to portable with jackpod capsules.
Wrapped some heavy kanthal coils and it hits exactly how I want.
Nearly indestructible and has never failed me once.
Put on a geekvape aegis x and sexy fun time for me.

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