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7th floor

vaporizer manufacturer
7th Floor is the manufacturer of the Silver Surfer, Super Surfer, Sidekick, Da Buddha, Elev8r, Life Saber, Hero Pen, Essence pen, Wax Maxers, and FlavorDisc pipes.

    Vape DC Elev8R - E-Elev8R by Disorderly Conduction and 7th Floor

    I guess it's about time this baby gets its own thread. There are several versions of the Elev8R by 7th Floor. We will be discussing the coil driven (desktop) Elev8R in this tread. If you are looking for the torch driven (portable), that thread is here. So first things first. Vape Critic...
  2. nonamekevin

    Vape 7th Floor Vapes - Elev8r Dry Herb Vape

    Surprised this one hasn't been added yet. From the website: "Turn your torch into a tool for vaporization with the all new Elev8R Vaporizer! This vaporizer comes with a patent pending special designed heater that turns our modified conical joint into a vape beast. This also comes with a wand...
  3. I'm Ron Burgundy?

    Discontinued Life Saber Vaporizer

    The LSV by 7th Floor Vapes All Glass Vapor Path Glass-On-Glass design offers pure, great tasting flavor Easy to pull apart and attach to a variety of accessories Simple and convenient cleaning and maintenance Ceramic Heating Element Long lasting, tested 10+ year life span Extremely fast...
  4. momofthegoons

    Vape Wax Maxer by 7th Floor

    I follow ssv_steve_elev8 on IG and saw that he was promoting a new pen that 7th Floor is carrying, the Wax Maxer. He 'made' (which I believe means designed... perhaps @Vitolo would have more information?) the top portion that fits on a box mod (or other 510 thread mod) and had a ceramic well...
  5. momofthegoons

    Discontinued Hero Pen by 7th Floor

    I was tooling around the 7th Floor website and saw that they carry a wax pen called The Hero. Sorry for the fuzzy image... I had to screen shot it. Comes in at $85.00. But they give no description of this pen on the site, nor do they show what the atomizer looks like. And I can't seem...
  6. Vitolo

    Vape The Silver Surfer by Elev8 Distribution (formerly 7th Floor LLC) "SSV"

    I will discuss my feelings about this Vaporizer as we move along. Videos will be coming up in just a second... You will notice that the SSV is the very 1st vape listed in my Vaporizers of choice, on my Signature! It is there for a reason... Mine stays on 24/7 and has for many years now! On my...

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