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Discontinued Life Saber Vaporizer

Vapes no longer in production
The LSV by 7th Floor Vapes

All Glass Vapor Path
Glass-On-Glass design offers pure, great tasting flavor
Easy to pull apart and attach to a variety of accessories
Simple and convenient cleaning and maintenance

Ceramic Heating Element
Long lasting, tested 10+ year life span
Extremely fast heat up time
Oxidation and degradation resistant

Use with the transfer for standard convection vaporizing
Attach to almost any water filter for crisp vapor filtration
Easy access to the element for use as a flameless lighter

I'm surprised this thread wasn't created yet. I love this vaporizer. I've used in almost daily for over 4 years. Pure convection power. Very heavy vapor production especially though water. This is the vape that converted me from combustion to glorious vapor. :headbang: :peace: :weed:
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Vaporbonging some Blue Dream

Looks like a supersized log vape without the wood. Nice sized bowl, how many lung buster bong rips from a full bowl?
I was going to get the LSV but ended up with an EQ because it did bags as well. The LSV is a ridiculously heavy duty cloudmaker of the first order. It is an older model @LesPlenty but will still ruin your night in a hurry :smoke:.
A lot of hits in a row..........more than I thought anyways.
I have a couple nano s which are excellent vapes but the life saber is a slightly different beast.
Almost totally free draw much larger bowl and it does oils way better.
So well it instantly became my go to oil rig........I think it is highly underrated.
I just checked out their website and in the listing there is even an option for AU 220v power! Unbelievable, and it is good with concentrates? I have been looking at getting a dab rig but the stuff ii want is out of stock....mmm:thinker:
The LSV isn't showing up on 7th Floor's website. Are they still making the LSV? I remember hearing a while ago, there were a lot of fakes and knock offs being sold.
Looks like a supersized log vape without the wood. Nice sized bowl, how many lung buster bong rips from a full bowl?
I have been trying to answer this for days and it appears to be impossible for me to do.
All my attempts have resulted in me falling asleep,wandering off,losing my paper or just forgetting..........science is hard sometimes.
So last night I loaded it with kief and it works better than great........no way in he'll am I gonna even try to count how many hits but it is the next day and it shows no signs of stopping so far.
A true beast of a vaporizer or a delicate gentle wisp of flavor........nice.
Having a beautiful day with my lsv today gotta love just kicking back and taking hit after hit of tasty potency................hell to the yes!
Nice! I'm doing the same, got the LSV and my bubbler here listening to BB King. Milking these huge rips...that last one had me coughing for a minute lol.

I love the shorter heater cover.
Based on the pics it looks like it comes stock now.
Just when you think you have sorta kinda not really found an end to your list to kill VAS and you stumble on this thread.....
Damn now It looks like I have another thing to look at and try to convince myself I do not need it....
The lsv stopped my vas..........now I have gas to feed the saber.
Extremely versatile pure convection on demand or session stylio does large loads and small ones equally well and gets really fucking hot if you want it........my go to driver.

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