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Already Been Vaped
Abbreviation for "Already Been Vaporized/Vaped".
A term for cannabis that has already been used once in a vaporizer.
ABV is typically brown to dark brown (depending on how far you take it in your vaporizer) and has a strong odor.
Since vaporizing leaves behind a portion of the cannabinoids (psychoactive ingredient of marijuana), ABV can be used in cannabis cooking or other methods.
"Why haven't you saved all of your ABV, you could have made cannabutter."
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    Love preloading and be done with it....Amazing GSC , Just chilling watching good ol Youtube
  2. TheModernDayNeanderthal

    Tips ABV - What do you do with it

    With the rapidly accelerating race-to-the-bottom price war on the West Coast (even before California has their first enormous legal recreational outdoor crop this coming fall), the financial incentive to save every last milligram of THC/CBD might soon become less of a determining factor as to...

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