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  1. EveryDayAmnesiac

    Lunacy I Haven't Been On A Proper Date In 11 Years And Could Use Some Advice

    I think the title pretty much says it all. But there are details. So, pasty white Scandinavian descent heterosexual male. Seeking Heterosexual female who is not a corpse.. The Bi thing might be okay but I'd rather not face any more competition. A bit of backstory. The last proper date I...
  2. Basement Farmer

    Lunacy Advice needed: dipping your wick in company ink...

    ...bad idea? Not my the first time, but even more compicated than past circumstances. Really interested in what the ladies have to say.
  3. treesaver

    Tips Old Pax I - what to do with it

    So, my friend gave me his old Pax 1 as it appears that the battery has finally gone kaput. It still works, but the LED never reaches the appropriate color to indicate that the device is ready and at temperature. It appears to just stay in the "heating up" stage from what I understand. I did get...

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