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Lunacy Advice needed: dipping your wick in company ink...

Basement Farmer

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...bad idea?

Not my the first time, but even more compicated than past circumstances.

Really interested in what the ladies have to say.
I'm def not a lady but IMO and in the current climate, I think its a very bad idea....well, unless you don't mind losing your job when she gets pissed at you for ending it.
Mom, can call you mom?

....small town. Would be round 3 for me within corporate......If you exclude my ex-wife of 20 years from10 years ago.

50+ ....but the pool is shallow here

Edited to add:

Yes Mom, I'd say Ok. Work w. last GF regularly, seems cool pretty sure she creeps around..no literally,like in my house. Before that worked w. an ex who I supervized, had to do full disclosure w. Corp. on that one...(wouldn't do again....probably) but en ded OK. Age gap contribuyen.

.... prospective,who works with her, but totally digs me has said "she's totally still in love with you"....

I like to keep things simple and have some basic degree of social skiz but this HS shit perplexes me.

Not a total-horn dog and I'm honest. I think that's the only thing that makes me not the company man-whore.
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50+ ....but the pool is shallow here
I say, go for it. We meet people where we are and many people spend most of their time at work.

As long as you're being honest and open and aren't systematically working your way through the available population and both of you are aware of the possible work complications, then I say good luck to you both in finding happiness.

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