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  1. bulllee

    Vape The Legacy by Airvape

    My Legacy has finally arrived . I did a pre-order of $100 back on March 6. They want $295 now :lmao: Today was the day. It was billed as a regulated on demand convection and or session vape (I don't make the news, i report it). Removable battery, Gold plated bowl, isolated glass airpath, Idk if...
  2. Vitolo

    Vape AirVape

    I have been using the AirVape XS that was donated by @fluffhead after he had it delivered for using his StrainPrint app. The unit is wonderful. I think the oval shape of the oven lends itself to more complete extraction, as the longer walls are in close proximity. The hits are flavorful, and the...

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PuffItUp Dynavap VGoodiez 420EDC