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botanical extractor

  1. Killick

    Extraction The Source Turbo

    So a friend is a bit of a gadgeteer, and likes to drop things off for me to evaluate. Today's toy is the Source Turbo. At its core it's a cup, connected to a heater, inside a vacuum chamber. It's simple, holds about 500 ml, which takes about 2 hours to run. It makes essential oil using a...
  2. GreenHopper

    Accessories Customized stainless steel Multi-Functional Magical botanical extractor (NOT the MBM)

    This post is about a 'Customized stainless steel Multi-Functional Magical botanical extractor'. This device is similar to the 'Magical Butter Machine' but is produced in China and has a Decarboxylate feature. Here are a list of features from the Alibaba page: Multi-protection device...

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