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Extraction The Source Turbo


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So a friend is a bit of a gadgeteer, and likes to drop things off for me to evaluate. Today's toy is the Source Turbo.

At its core it's a cup, connected to a heater, inside a vacuum chamber. It's simple, holds about 500 ml, which takes about 2 hours to run.

It makes essential oil using a combination of low temp and vacuum, meaning flavours and terpenes are preserved. I've only ran cannabis through it so far, but there's a bag of lavender waiting to get processed.

The first iteration of the device had an elevation challenge, in that all devices were set to 5000 feet above sea level, which was perfect of you lived in suburban Boulder, CO. The Turbo model is altitude adjustable in 1000' increments. I'm right at 3000, bit am finding that setting for 4000 seems to work better.

There's an app that runs on your phone. It's not required to operate the unit, but does tell you what stage the extraction is at. It shows current temp, vac level, time remaining, and current altitude setting. There is also a button marked "stop extraction", which changes to "start extraction" when unit isn't running. It's easily pressed by acvident, meaning I just restarted an extraction...

It says it reclaims 95% of alcohol. Tests so far show closer to 80% reclaim, but this will likely increase with practice.

If any questions fire then in here and I'll answer them like a complete n00b playing with a new toy :)

Here's a video that helps show how it works.

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