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convection vape

  1. LesPlenty

    Vape XVAPE Fyra Dabstar Edition

    XVAPE has released the Fyra, a new tri-use vape, concentrate, dry herb(convection), and oil cart, I have only had the unit a few days for testing but so far so good, I have been using herb directly in the oven or in the supplied capsule (that is identical to the Roffu/V3Pro capsules!)...

    Discontinued Supreme V6

    Hello Vapor Asylum family! After years of enjoying my SV3 I looked into bringing the SV4 to the store knowing the SV3 had been discontinued. So I reached out to Ed and was informed that he was already moved onto the SV6! Don't ask me what happened to the SV5! :rofl: So as you can see the...
  3. momofthegoons

    Vape AERO by Focus Vapes

    @PuffItUp did their 'first look' review of the AERO by Focus Vapes.... The AERO Vaporizer is a dual chamber convection portable by the new American design branch of FocusVape. We’ve been heavily “testing” the pre-release model – here are our initial thoughts! Vapor Production Pure convection...

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