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dab tools

  1. RCCtools

    Tips What is your main use case for your dab mat? What would you change about it, if anything?Question

    Personally, I don't use dab mats all that much, but before I starting using dab tool/capper holders I would mostly use them as a non stick surface that would prevent my table from getting gunked up. I also liked that they acted as a little landing pad of sorts for my rig, but I've never had a...
  2. BD9

    Terp Pearl Quartz Banger (No longer available...)

    I've said before that I know nothing about dabs or dab tools, but I thought this may interest some of you that prefer low temp dabbing. The 'pearls' are also UV reactive so they glow in the dark. Terp Pearl Quartz Banger Set https://smokinjs.com/Terp-Pearl-Quartz-Banger-Set-QBP14M/ Size...

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