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Terp Pearl Quartz Banger (No longer available...)


Leaf Dawg
I've said before that I know nothing about dabs or dab tools, but I thought this may interest some of you that prefer low temp dabbing.

The 'pearls' are also UV reactive so they glow in the dark.

Terp Pearl Quartz Banger Set


Size: 14mm
Gender: Male
100% Pure Quartz

Are you looking for a large but also effective nail? Look no further for we now have our largest quartz bucket yet!

Each kit includes one bubble carb cap, one quartz pearl, and the bucket which features a rounded bottom for maximum surface area. The rounded bottom allows for the terp pearl to be pushed around through the puddle of oil by the air coming through the carb cap. This action mixes & splashes any residual oil onto the hot surface area of the rounded quartz bucket.

*This nail would be best used for Mid-Low temp. consumption.*

8mm Quartz Terp Pearl 2pk


Glow in the Dark and UV Reactive!
2 per package.

These 8mm quartz terp pearls are the tool to take your dabbing to the next level.

The terp pearl rolls around in the quartz banger helping spread the oil concentrate throughout the surface area of the banger.

When used with a directional carb cap, the pearl's rolling action gives your dab rig a turbo charger.

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VGoodiez 420EDC