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ethanol tincture

Oral medication
Tinctures are defined as extractions in ethanol – generally made by taking a natural material, grinding it down and soaking for a long period in ethanol, often with regular agitation and sometimes gentle warmth. The strength is the weight of original material compared to the weight of ethanol it is tinctured in.
  1. A

    Meds Latest Ethanol Tincture Shenanigans

    151 proof everclear was able to dissolve most of 1g of decarbed cheap sugar wax BHO, when heated enough. though some dark blobs of something are still at the bottom - waxy material? they seem like 1/10 of the total volume of dabs has anyone else made ethanol tinctures with decarbed dabs? i...
  2. NorVape

    Tips Shouldn't ethanol tinctures be instant?!

    I'm making some ABV vodka on my croc pot, and it had me thinking... ...why do I do all this to make tincture? When one is trying to make concentrates with ethanol it's called a QWET - Quick Wash EThanol, and the quick part is very important. It makes sure one gets a clean product, where all...

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