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Meds Latest Ethanol Tincture Shenanigans


151 proof everclear was able to dissolve most of 1g of decarbed cheap sugar wax BHO, when heated enough. though some dark blobs of something are still at the bottom - waxy material? they seem like 1/10 of the total volume of dabs

has anyone else made ethanol tinctures with decarbed dabs? i think i should try way less alcohol next time, i did something like a 1:20 wax:alcohol ratio. but when it cools, it gets cloudy.

seems that the alcohol can't dissolve much better than that. so maybe less wouldn't work. but it's not super potent and it burns a lot. should try the holy shit recipe

what about alcohol and distillate? expensive though :|

protip: don't microwave it so much it boils violently. 170f max
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The problem with 151 is that it’s 75% EtOH, the rest is water...which is not bad, but alcohol is less aggressive when diluted, and alcohol has a saturation point at which it’s dissolved as much as it can. If you use fresh 151 (after draining off your current extract), you should be able to dissolve your remainder.

Say you used 120ml (4 oz) for the first and 60ml for the second, and all your goods are in the alch; your tincture contains 45ml of water you can’t get rid of, because the alcohol being more volatile will evaporate off long before the water begins to go. This is only a problem if you don’t like it, but be aware.

There is probably nothing you can do about the burn except get used to it.
That true. If it’s cold enough for long enough, the water will eventually freeze, and I’ve heard you can just pick out the pieces of ice.

I wouldn’t know about such things, personally: it’s only been that cold that long once here, 8 years ago, and not in any of the prior 60.
Freezer also works ;)
When I was a kid a bunch of uncles made wine. In winter they'd 'cold distill' it, by putting a pail of wine on the step at below freezing temps. As a kid it was my job to check it for ice buildup on top, and toss the ice away. Every ice removal was an increase in alcohol content. Smart old fellers back then :)

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