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  1. peaceandquietworldnow!

    For Sale Herborizer XL,2-XL Bowls,Power Supply As New

    Herborizer XL Vaporizer,2-XL Bowls,12VDC/12 Amp Power Supply. $300 Shipped Continental US Only( Save Shipping from France plus more) Used 3- sessions- just too much For me .Great Flavor at low temperatures, Good As New. I Accept USPS Money Order or Venmo,thanks.
  2. felvapes

    Vape Herborizer DigiTi

    What do ppl think of the herbilizer Digi Ti?...looks interesting too
  3. Joaon

    Vape Herborizer

    Now what I see? Herborizer haven't been registered and interned yet? :myday:That must be revised promptly, as this one is really insane and crazed ! Herborizer XL: Herborizer Ti: It's a 12v French Glass vaporizer that carry some sneaky power :lunchacos: The vapor it produce is very...

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