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  1. momofthegoons

    Meds Cannabis and Inflammation

    This Is Why Cannabis Is So Effective At Easing Inflammation Cannabis has a positive effect in taming inflammation and a myriad of ailments associated with swelling. While inflammation is the cause of many maladies, it’s also sometimes the remedy. It accounts for back pain, arthritis flare ups...
  2. momofthegoons

    Meds Gastrointestinal Disorders - Crohn's - IBD - Reflux

    Cannabis Superior To Drugs For Inflammatory Bowel Condition (Crohn's Disease) Posted on: Sunday, April 12th 2015 Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder GreenMedInfo LLC. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of GreenMedInfo LLC. When drugs fail, and surgery is the only...
  3. momofthegoons

    Research Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research - IBS/Crohns Disease/Colitis

    Unfortunately, the graphic links for some of the illustrations cited would not download. Please refer to the original article linked in the title below to view. Anti-Inflammatory Activity in Colon Models Is Derived from Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid That Interacts with Additional Compounds in...

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