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Meds Cannabis and Inflammation


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This Is Why Cannabis Is So Effective At Easing Inflammation

Cannabis has a positive effect in taming inflammation and a myriad of ailments associated with swelling.​

While inflammation is the cause of many maladies, it’s also sometimes the remedy. It accounts for back pain, arthritis flare ups, headaches, bowel disorders and even an increase in heart disease. Alzheimer’s is yet another affliction associated with inflammation. And cannabis? It’s a known anti-inflammatory.

As studies show, not only does cannabis have a positive effect in taming inflammation and a myriad of ailments associated with inflammation, the entourage effect created by the combination of cannabinoids, including THC, gives a person an even better result. When this synergy takes place, inflammation is greatly relieved, and thus so are the diseases and pains that go with it.

Quality and longevity of life are sincere goals of most human beings, and accomplishing those goals takes a level of fitness that is somewhat lacking in the average American lifestyle. Many people unable to exercise or stretch for their health aren’t capable because of inflamed joints or other painful inflammations that hinder activity.

Because cannabis works as an anti-inflammatory, it could very easily be the ticket to better health and wellness all around. If the joint pain isn’t in the way and the mindset is elevated to a can-do level, the world opens up a bit and the first steps toward holistic health have been taken.

Cannabis has been studied for the relief of inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s and one study showed that the anti-inflammation properties are to be thanked. Although the initial purpose of the study to seek complete Crohn’s remission wasn’t achieved, it was found that 10 out of 11 patients treated had “clinical, steroid free benefits.”

Steroids and other anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals have many side effects. For steroids, immune system efficiency can go down and muscle weakness may occur among other problematic possibilities. For NSAIDs, the most common over the counter anti-inflammatory, prolonged use can result in stomach pain and eventually to ulcers.

One thing cannabis is short on is side effects. Sure there’s dry mouth, increased hunger, an enhancement of the senses and, oh yeah, a substantial reduction in inflammation, but aren’t most of those things part of the point? It’s no wonder that so many patients use cannabis for chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disease and even Alzheimer’s. It’s truly a miracle plant.
THC & Inflammation: Here’s What This Relationship Means For Your Health

A variety of elements present in cannabis provide anti-inflammatory effects, including THC. Here’s what you should know.​

Cannabis is an anti-inflammatory agent. The plant has long been associated with a variety of benefits related to the area of pain and inflammation, which is one of the first symptoms that cannabis treats. The compound’s effect on inflammation has helped people manage symptoms of chronic pain, injury recovery, and more.

The elements present in cannabis, like THC and CBD, have all been linked with anti-inflammatory properties, making them good options for a variety of illnesses. These findings have appeared in various studies, and have been reported by a significant number of pro athletes.

Crohn’s disease and chronic pain, both heavily influenced by the patients’ degree of inflammation, are just some of the ailments that report the most benefits when paired with cannabis. A study conducted on patients with Crohn’s indicates that 10 out of 11 patients experienced some form of relief thanks to cannabis, without having to subject themselves to steroids or other types of medications.

When discussing chronic pain or injuries, cannabis provides a path to treat symptoms and pain without relying on opioids and medicines, along with their often dangerous and addictive side effects. While its effects on inflammation may be lesser than the ones provided by opioids or medications, the main perk cannabis offers is that it provides no significant side effects, except for perhaps getting a little bit too high.

“For me, the major benefits of cannabis are as an anti-inflammatory and the relief from pain, headaches, and other concussion symptoms that I still have years after suffering a bunch of them,” football player Eugene Monroe told Playboy. “I went from scheduling X amount of pills throughout each day to eliminating all of them. Now that I use cannabis, the only pills I take are vitamins and minerals. There’s no more pharmaceuticals.”

Why do these results occur? There are only theories in place, but researchers believe that cannabinoids are able to create pathways in the brain that reduce or shut off the body’s anti-inflammatory response. And while THC and CBD have provided a large percentage of anti-inflammatory results when tested out on their own, cannabis’ entourage effect (the collaboration of all elements within the cannabis plant) might be the recipe that provides the best effect of all.

Cannabis and its compounds THC and CBD are very promising elements when it comes to treating inflammation. While they likely won’t provide the same amount of relief as prescription medications when treating serious conditions, hopefully in the future we’ll be in a place where there’s more research and cannabis can be considered as another valuable option for people to have.
Thank you Mom for this information, my wife is a triathlete , and she founds the salves I make for her ,to be very beneficial in the recovering time.
Which says me, it calms down the inflammation.
Also I have rheumatoid arthritis, and I wouldn't even be riding in the championships without this medicaltion.
I have quite severe brain damage from an accident when I was a kid, and the only thing besides chemical drugs(that give heaps of side effects:homer::puke:
,that helps me to focus and cope with live in general is :yes indeed, the good old herb vaporised.
It's the whole entourage from all the temps in whole flower that helps me, with my condition anyway.
So , yes I do try to really saturate my system, and yes that really helps me ,:to be a functional member of society.:worship::worship::worship:.

Much love to all vaporbrothers and sisters.

(and I'm quietly saying a prayer for my dear friend @invertedisdead, I feel sooo shit for him... .and I really want to help him., he's such a good guy!!)

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