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infused cookies

  1. momofthegoons

    Recipe Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies

    For those who don't want to hassle with baking... or don't want the smell of cannabis baking in the house. PEANUT BUTTER NO BAKE BUD COOKIES Make these anytime, and because you don’t have to bake them – you can freeze them up, and enjoy them anytime! NO bake, EASY, Yummy, and FAST...
  2. momofthegoons

    Recipe Infused Snowball Cookies

    Personally.... I would use 1 cup of cannabutter rather than 1/2 c. cannabutter and 1/2 c. regular butter.... The cookies will have more of a 'weed taste' but you wont need to eat as many to feel the effects. They are delicate like snowflakes but bring on a beautiful Christmas high like no...

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