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  1. C

    Tips soy lecithin powder

    Hi guys, I just pulled out my bag of soy lecithin powder as I'm thinking of making some more AVB oil. It's no longer a powder and is now a solid block as the bag was slightly open. I only purchased it about a month ago. Can I make use of it still or do I have to throw it away and buy another.
  2. momofthegoons

    Recipe RSO or Cannabis Oil

    So what is RSO? RSO is a cannabis plant extract and technique that was reintroduced to the public by Rick Simpson. A solvent is used to do a quick wash of the dried bud material melting or extracting the essential plant oils into the solvent. The stripped plant material is then discarded...
  3. momofthegoons

    Tips Lecithin

    How Adding Lecithin Affects Your Cannabis Edibles Many patients make their own edibles these days for a few reasons. It is much more cost effective for those on a tight budget as it makes your medicine go further. Many vape their cannabis bud and then use the by product in edibles. While the...

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