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  1. MistVape

    Discontinued Impcognito

    It's a mini Imp, 22 mm diameter, full Imp heater capacity. For stealth on the go. Starts at $120 with stem packages available.
  2. MistVape

    Discontinued Imp by MistVape

    Got a new one coming out. My first unit to use the 510 atty system (actually it is a m7x.5 metric thread). It is tiny, 1.5" long x 1" diameter. 14 mm stem, using our standard stem design, perfect for micro dosing 50 - 125 mg. The female joint is made of maple similar to the Essence. Here is the...
  3. MistVape

    Discontinued MVT2

    Hello all, been working on a new vape. This is very much like the Touch except I have replaced the touch pad with a button and added an air inlet valve. Also the coil is a bit cooler which means the battery life isn't as good as with the Touch but it is still good. Working on getting a...

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