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Discontinued Imp by MistVape

Vapes no longer in production


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Got a new one coming out. My first unit to use the 510 atty system (actually it is a m7x.5 metric thread).
It is tiny, 1.5" long x 1" diameter.
14 mm stem, using our standard stem design, perfect for micro dosing 50 - 125 mg. The female joint is made of maple similar to the Essence.
Here is the unusual part, the coil deck is made of maple! There are brass connectors attached to the wood (I am looking at plating those with silver). Making the deck frees me from China but means I have to make some tiny brass pieces.
Performance has been great, I've been using mine as my daily driver.


This is the new cooling stem

I haven't been using a screen and it is fine, screens can be added.

this is the coolest part, I made the deck out of maple and the connectors out of brass. The brass has better conductivity than SS. Eventually I'll get the connectors plated in silver or maybe gold.

And there is a fancy cover for the shorty cooling stem.
There will be a few betas offered at $65 and then the retail target is $85 with the plain cooling stem. Haven't figured out pricing for the covered stems.
All the betas are shipped and I've decided to go ahead with a pre release sale. The Imp, cooling stem, standard stem, wong and 3 extra screens for $75. In the store now.
I was going to wait until there was more feedback but every beta went together and worked fine in wattage mode. The few folks that have received their beta are pleased and it is performing great. Last night I followed settings from @antispleen and was delighted. First try running in tubo mode I got multiple great hits from half filled stem and ended up with dark tan abv with no scorching, the result I've been looking for.
It is amazing to me that in this mode I can hit it as hard as I can and it works great.

The Imp is not on the home page of the website but go to the store and then to vaporizers, it should be the first one.
So it has been a bit crazy. The Imp has gotten great reviews and there have been about 50 shipped so far.
Here is the latest version of the Imp

The changes are cosmetic, the wood washer is incorporated into the coil deck so it looks cleaner. The body has been "worked" a little for aesthetics.

The electrodes are gold plated now, that doesn't really change function but is said to be a better surface than silver.
Almost caught up with orders and should have stock ready to go next week.
I've done a few set ups for folks not used to mod boxes so if you are in that camp message me and we can talk.

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