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  1. BD9

    Vape RBT - Splinter V2 and Slinter Z

    I remember hearing about RBT and the Milaana. RBT has two new vapes. The Splinter V2 and the Splinter Z. Please excuse my ignorance, but apparently they only work with 'mod' boxes with 510 coils. I hope that means something to some of you. I don't get the 'mod' box thing. I like the look and...
  2. N

    Vape RBT Milaana

    The Milanna must not go missing from this forum including RBT's latest creations, the Zion and the Splinter. Milanna hits like Mike Tyson,The taste, oh the taste, is the best I've ever had. Its 100% on demand convection heating.It extracts like a table top and the vapor and clouds,both dense &...

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