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  1. LesPlenty

    DNail SiC Halo

    I managed to break my DNail SiC Halo dish and will need another...anyone got one in the drawer they no longer want...
  2. felvapes

    Review 710coils vs Halo SiC - Dnail

    So my Halo SiC finally arrived....took forever to get here - I got two deliveries from Shane which were both ordered after the dnail order..... This is just a review in my experience not to be taken as gospel - if others have experience or knowledge share away First I will talk about CS and...
  3. herbivore21

    Vape D nail Halo and Nimbus

    Let's face it, d-nail sell too many different products to have one single thread. This thread is to describe the SiC, Sapphire and Quartz halos by d-nail. As per their own management at the time, d-nail shifted their focus toward providing the bleeding edge of nail design a year or two ago...

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