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vapcap stems

  1. Andy Capp

    Accessories Andy Capp Creations

    Hey all ! I’m Andy Capp:rofl: I purchased my first M in late August ‘18 and it immediately changed the way I consume. It amazes me that such a simple device could have such if an impact on people’s lives. As a machinist, I have a passion to create. I’ve honed my craft and I feel like I can...
  2. Aezhenn

    Accessories Aezhenn Wood

    Hello good people, and welcome to the Aezhennwood thread! Maybe you know me, may be not... I'm Aezhenn and I love wood working! Carving, turning, making stuffs, looking at all the beauties Mother Nature gives us! Woods can be very different, even in the same species, and sometimes, we can...
  3. phattpiggie

    Accessories Phattpiggies Wood Shed

    For the people who have absolutely no idea who, where, what and why here's a pictorial run thru. The rest of you out there it's great to see you all coming and showing love and support for a woman willing to put her heart and soul into this venture. Start of 2016 and my Vapcap first generation...

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