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Accessories Aezhenn Wood


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Accessory Maker
Hello good people, and welcome to the Aezhennwood thread!

Maybe you know me, may be not... I'm Aezhenn and I love wood working!

Carving, turning, making stuffs, looking at all the beauties Mother Nature gives us! Woods can be very different, even in the same species, and sometimes, we can think there's nothing else to do, only admire the colors, the lines, and say wooowww!

Buuut, years ago, I discovered @Ed's TnT 's work! It was stunning. I ordered him a beautiful blackwood solo stem with a turquoise inlay. We exchange a lot about wood working, and life. And I'm proud to say Ed is one of my very good friend now! Thank you bro! :thumbsup:

I understood it was possible to build a bridge between my passion and this healthy way to use plants! I guess the fact we can use wood stems or wood vapes makes a lot on my vapor switch.

So I began to work in my shop and to create all the accessories you will discover here ...

I wish you all a great journey in the vapor woods! :smile:

Hey hey @Aezhenn Glad to see you here bro, I wish you all the best with your work and look to hear good things from you! If you all dont know bout My guys skills yall better get to knowing, he is a hella craftsman!
:cool: Such beautiful work @Aezhenn :clap:

That wood spirit pipe is so awesome..... and I love the storage tubes!

I agree, @Ed's TnT stems are simply stunning - I also have a blackwood with turquoise - it remains my favourite.

Good luck on your journey, you're very fortunate to have such passion for your work. Thanks for sharing.

@Aezhenn you do what you do bro and good will come I assure, I've been in your shoes you know that, time is everything seems to never come soon enough once it does you never have enough of it!
@Ed's TnT I like doing what I do, that's a good beginning, I guess... :smile:

Ok, let's talk about wood now... Just to say I use local or exotic species. But both are coming from sustainable sources.
I've got a guy, who work with foresters in Asia, to salvage the roots from trees fallen with the typhoons. Generally, those roots are destined for being burned. They aren't exploited at all, just destroyed. My guy use these roots for making beautiful furniture, and I use the small parts left in my shop for making wood jewels or wood for vape. There's nothing lost! :peace:
A red amboyna burl, for example... :aaaaa:
Who's hiding behind a wall of fire? :naughty2:


It's a red amboyna WoodScents stand!


There's a place for the Wood stem, the glass stem, the wood aroma WPA, the glass aroma WPA, the wood stick, a magnet and you can invite two friendly vapcap more :smile:
That' a beautiful piece my man, well done and congrats to the lucky person getting it.

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